Hello and welcome to another drama review. Today I will be reviewing a new Chinese drama on Netflix which I currently love so much.

So with this drama, I can official say that Chinese dramas are now my thing. I didn’t know that I would be at this stage in my life but here we are. I am so used to Korean, Japanese and to some extent Thai dramas but Chinese drama is a new territory for me and I love being in this territory.

The premise of this drama sounded so good and I was happy that it was on Netflix. This is one of those age gap dramas that just make me warm and fuzzy inside. And the main character is so handsome (wasn’t going to say it but, what am I if not honest)


Find Yourself






Victoria Song

Song Weilong

Zhang Yujian

Yu Shuxian


41 episodes


He Fanzing is a young woman in her 30’s who is pressed upon by her parents and people around her to get married. she has never been in a relationship and neither has she fallen in love before but things are about to change as she has new found feeling for a guy 10 years younger than her.


I am going to put this drama up on my list along with dramas such as Something in the Rain and One Spring Night which are dramas that really tackled sensitive topics such as gap relationship and societal expectations.

He Fanxing is the manager of a small interior designing company who absolutely amazing at her job and well respected in the company but she dwells in the agony of still being single as she is 32 years old. She feels the pressure from everyone around her and she is unable to control the toll this has on her. Then one day, Yuan Song, a junior intern (who is her brother’s student, trust me it couldn’t be more trippy) starts to make advances at her and she decides to go into a secret relationship with him.

As you would assume everything soon falls apart has a societal more pleasing man comes into the picture (and i mean a man with more money, closer to her age and well accepted by her parents). At first it starts off as friendship and soon it causes a drift between her and her boyfriend. They broke up and she soon realizes what a terrible mistake she has made.

The chemistry between the two of them is just so intense, I could feel it off the screen, the cast was just so perfect for the roles.

There are so many subplots in this drama that are just as interesting as that of the main character. He Fanxing’s twin brother as falls in love with his student (not gonna add the spoiler) who is also thirteen years younger than him. The whole drama is just a comedic mess and I couldn’t stop laughing the whole time, specially when he started dating her and his parents found out. (There is just something he said to Cai Minmin, his girlfriend, which really struck a cord with me “Being in love, takes two people and you shouldn’t be trying to please me like a master and dog, unless I am doing the same for you, it’s just means I taking advantage”. He being older than her makes him responsible and just because she made the first move doesn’t mean she has to try to please him all the time and that she has to also want to be pleased because it is a relationship).

I guess the one thing that I hated about this drama was the ending, it almost feels like there is still one more episode that should tie it all together I guess we can’t always get what we want. On Netflix there are only 41 episodes but there are supposed to be 42 episodes.

Little Spoiler

She didn’t marry him, that would have been a huge mistake.


I gave this drama 8.9 out of 10 stars


Thanks for reading. Have you watched this drama? Did you enjoy it?


Hello and welcome!!

Since I watched my first two Chinese dramas and you guys have really helped with recommending me dramas. This was actually recommended and I am so glad I watched it. I do have to say that although I am enjoying Chinese dramas, there is just something about the feel I get from them, they give me earlier Korean drama vibes, vibes from dramas like Boys Over Flower and Playful Kiss. I don’t mean to compare but I just can’t help doing that when I have watched too many Asian dramas.


Put Your Head on My Shoulder


Romance, Coming-of-age, Comedy




Xing Fei

Lin Yi

Tang Xiaotian


24 episodes


As Situ Mo’s graduation is nearing, she is confused about her future plans. She tries out all sorts of things all the time and is unable to make her own decisions. Her ordinary days are suddenly shaken up when the genius Physics student Gu Weiyi appears in her life. The two accidentally end up living together and chaos begins.


One thing about this drama that appealed to me was the cast, when i saw Xing Fei, i was suddenly more interested. she was in a drama i watched in 2018 titled ‘Master Devil Don’t Kiss Me’, she was fantastic in that drama and she is fantastic in this drama too.

When i watched the first few episodes, i wasn’t really enjoying it that much, it just felt like every coming of age Asian drama out there. I almost gave up on it but i stuck with it a bit and it got so much better.

Here we follow a girl who is an accounting major in the university but is trying to get into the advertising industry. A coincidence results in her meeting this genius who is majoring in Physics. But more to come with this coincidence is that her mother and his are friends but this is unknown to both of them until they soon realize that they are living together

Gu Weiyi who is unable to form solid emotional relationships because of his high IQ starts to fall in love with her but he doesn’t know how he is going to tell her. this leads to him asking his professor and mathematical genius of a friend to help him confess his love for her but as you can expect, things didn’t go his way. Although writing a mathematical formula or quadratic equation to profess your love his sweet, a simple ‘I love you’ works like a charm.

After I got past the first 10 episodes, it was smooth sailing from their, I thought the drama was fun and although the cast was a little wonky, I will let it go and not take it apart. The story itself was just cute but it just felt like something that I have watched over and over again.

Little Spoiler

Honestly, anything I say will be a major spoiler, well except that the professor is married to the hall administrator. Not a good spoiler but at least it is something.


I gave this drama a 7.2 out of 10 stars


Thanks for reading. Have you watched this drama? Can you recommend me any Chinese dramas?

Books I Read Recently #11


Welcome to another book review compilation. None of the books I have read recently have really blown my mind, they are just about 2 to 3 star ratings but I just felt I needed to review them here and let you decide for yourself. One thing I noticed while writing this compilation is that there are a variety of books on this list and I am sure you will find one that will resonate with you. The way I am rating books in 2020 has changed, no more generous rating, this is the year that I will give a book 1 star, it might not mean that the book is bad (really no book is ever bad) it just might not be the book for me.

Without further ado, let’s get into it…

With the Fire on High by Elizabeth Acevedo


Before I start this review, I need to say that I hope this review does not come off as hateful, this is just my genuine opinion about the book and remember just because I am not totally gushing over this book does not mean you won’t like it.

So earlier last year when this book was published, there was a lot of rave and hype surrounding its release and everyone who reviewed it seemed to love it a little too much. Although that did not put me off (as I read poet X by the same author and loved it), I just couldn’t pick it up them. So when I finally picked it up in January, I was surprised with how bland the writing was. I get the fact that it is a prose and that the book addresses sensitive topics such as teen pregnancy, teen motherhood, poverty, disability, racism and much more which are always almost carefully neglected in young adult fiction. Although this book did address these topics rather sensitively and well but other than that, I just felt like nothing was really happening and as you can expect there just had to be a dash of teen romance (right because every teenager is in a relationship).

I don’t want it to seem like I hated this book, it just didn’t do anything for me, the story telling was bland, all I got (at least for me) was a girl who got pregnant after losing her virginity, gave birth, is living with her disabled grandmother, has a part time job with an annoying boss and she loves to cook. So basically through this book we follow her and her love for cooking on a journey through high school while she juggles being a mother.


I gave this book 3 out of 5 stars

Inappropriate by Vi Keeland


I guess the way I feel about this book is as a result of the large amount of books by Keeland that I have read. I love Vi Keeland books because I breeze through them, I don’t have to worry too much, I know what I am getting with her books and she deliver. What am I getting? you might ask…. simple. Hot sexual characters who have sex (as you know sex solves everything in the fictional world).

This book wasn’t any different from all her other books, only that in this one we follow a lady whose employment was wrongful terminated because of indecent exposure, a drunken email later to her boss’s boss leads to him wanting in her pants (and as you can probably tell it will surely happen).


I gave this book 2.1 out of 5 stars

A Wildly Seductive Night by Lauren Blakely


I shouldn’t even mention this one on this list but here we are. This is a novella in the Seductive Nights series and it follows a couple who have wildly seductive nights (yeap, basically).


I gave this book 2 out of 5 stars

I am currently reading two books that I am really enjoying and I can’t wait to share them with you. I know that this post is a downer but I can feel that my next one will be quite uplifting.


Thanks for reading. Have you read any of these books? Did you enjoy them?


Hello !!!

Welcome to another review! For today, I will be reviewing the blockbuster Korean film which recently won four (4) Oscars including Best Picture and it is the first and only international film to do so.

Since I watched Parasite last year, I have been itching to write a review but never got around to doing it. Parasite is by far one of the best films I watched in 2019 and it left a lasting impression. It is the film that other films wish they were. Beautiful and lyrical story telling, well developed plot and characters, well structured events, great picture and cinematography, it is just a well made film.

Parasite is a 2019 South Korean comedic-thriller film which was directed by Bong Joon-ho and co-written by Han Ji-won. Why am I finally writing a review you might ask? Well when my friends saw the news that a Korean film won four Oscars, they were shocked and as the resident Korean Culture loving PhD. holder, they came to me. This made me realize the need to produce this review of this spectacular film.

I will try as much as possible not to spoil this film. It is really good to go into the movie with very little knowledge, although knowing too much for me didnโ€™t really disrupt my enjoyment anyways.




Black comedy (dark humor)





Choi Woo-shik

Song Kang-ho

Park So-dam

Cho Yeo-jeong


Breifly, it is about the clash of classes in the form of a rich and a poor family.


This whole film is a gigantic metaphor.

The nature and depth of this film is not going to allow me to just brush over the surface, so I have decided to divide this review section into four parts; the story, the cast; the implication and the relatability of this film.

Before I start, things might get a bit spoilery but I will try as much as possible to reduce this. So let’s get into it

The Story

The first scene introduces us to the Kim family which in this case is the poor family living in a semi basement with barely enough light coming in through the small windows. Ki Woo’s friend pays them a visit bringing with him a scholar stone which supposedly promises wealth to whoever possesses it (This is very theatrical as they seem have an ephemeral experience with money). His friend offers him a job with an extremely rich family, the Parks’, who need a tutor for their daughter.

When Ki Woo goes to meet the Parks’ he realizes how rich and easily manipulatable they are so he devices a plan to bring his sister into the family as an art therapist. From this point onwards things seem to go smoothly their way until things take a drastic and unimaginable turn (this is where I stop in order to reduce the spoilery effect, trust me there is too much information about the plot of this film online, I believe it is one of those films which you have to watch without fore knowledge.)

The Cast

The story and the location (which by the way was all created, the Park’s house, the Kim’s basement and street was all made and some parts green screened) was just so amazing but what made this film so perfect was the cast. I was particularly impressed by Song Kang-ho who played the Kim Ki-taek the father of Ki Woo (the poor family), his role in the film who so intense and crucial to the overall weight of the tragedy that befell the families.

Picture of the cast at the Oscars

Choi Minsuk performance came as no surprise to me as I have seen him in a lot of movies and dramas and he is just fantastic (check him out in The Witch: Part 1. The Subversion). I can go on and on about how good he was in this drama. Then we have the amazing Park Sodam who is know so well know for her Jessica Jingle which is actually a famous Korean children song “Dokdo is our Land” which is usually used by students to memorize.

All the actors definitely made watching this film an amazing experience. I also have to point out Cho Yeojeong who I absolutely love since I watched I Need Romance. She was a delight in this film and definitely brought the ‘simple’, ‘gullible’ and ‘oblivious’ nature of the ‘rich’ character she played to life.

The Implication

The shots in this film was very dramatic, the sequence was very exploitational, the lights, the title and even the location of the film made everything exceptional. When we examine the semi-basement where the Kim’s live and the lack of electricity, internet, and the fact that they almost killed themselves trying to get free fumigation says a lot about the housing crisis that is being faced in Korea. One of the great things about this film is the fact that all its implication are things that people all around the world are experiencing whether it be the rich or the poor.

Another element that Bong the director of this film used really well was water, in this case, rain. In Korea, where the quality of the air is ruined by fine dust we experience the way the rain which should be a positive connotation for the environment have on two varying classes. There is a really touching scene of where the Kim’s are trying to save what they have left of their property from being destroyed by the flood which have ruined their home. Then at the Park’s who are at the ‘Upper’ end of the social class are also unhappy about the rain but for reasons that their camping trip have been ruined and they end up staying indoors watching their son camp outside on their massive lawn in a native American tent.

Social class, the reason I used the word ‘upper’ instead of ‘other’ end should really indicate how I feel about the discriminatory expanse between the two classes. One thing that I can say about this film was that it wasn’t really much about the rich against the poor, it was more the poor stepping on each other to get ahead (when you watch the film you would hopefully get my point). The cinematography really pointed to the upper and lower of the story, they reaching up for things, we looking up at the rich and the rich looking down at the poor. The shots were so strategic that I just think that Bong is a genius.

The Relatability

The thoughts that crossed my mind while watching this film includes but not limited to, “woah, that so true” “that is absolutely me” “gosh, I didn’t know I was living such a parasitic existence” “its the society’s fault, not mine”. I didn’t really pity the rich family at first but now that I am writing this review and I look back, I realized that the rich family really did nothing to deserve the tragedy that befell them (other than their ignorance of societal problems). The Kim’s i.e. the poor family, really just wanted to get out of the shithole they were in, they just went about it the wrong way (but really, what is the right way). Society doesn’t even give poor people the chance to go about things the right way. For example, the Kim Ki-jeong the daughter of the Kim family is so talented but she can’t really go to school without money. After watching this film, I thought “The society we live in is for the rich, and it has forced the hand of the poor to get what they want by any means necessary”

This film packed a punch and it delivered the revelation of social inequality, class conflict and modern capitalism at its ‘best’.

Little spoiler

His rage boils over and he kill a man (this is as much as I can say without revealing a major spoiler)


If I had written this review immediately after watching this film, I would have rated it 10 out of 10 stars. But upon further review, I will be rating this 9.8 out of 10 stars.


Thanks for reading. Have you watching this film? Did you enjoy it? Tell me what you think?


Hello and welcome!!!

It’s been a while since I wrote a poem but here is one that I worked on a while back. Let me know what you think.


Fate, destiny, will

Words of the helpless

You leave your existence to a deity

The word faith and fate become a confusion

Faith as been dragged to the mud

It seems like itโ€™s fate

The unknown is feared

The known is unaccepted

Hence the indecisiveness

The mud in which faith sad laughing its fate


Faith as been used to cover up pretense

There is a disquieting finality in the fate of faith


Thanks for reading.


Hello and welcome!!!


I am so happy that I finally watched this drama. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it, although I have to point out that this drama did piss me off towards the end. It was also very confusing at first but when I got the groove of the drama, I enjoyed it. This drama reminds me of W-Two worlds which I watched back in 2016 (it has the same Comic book theme going on).


Extraordinary You


Romance, Fantasy




Kim Hye-yoon


Lee Jae-wook

Lee Na-eun

Jung Gun-joo

Kim Young-dae

Lee Tae-ri


16 episodes


This drama follows Eun Da-oh, a high school student. One day, she finds out that she is a character in a comic book titled “Secret”, at first she thinks she is the main character until she finds out that she is merely an extra character who is dying of heart disease. She decides that she will change her fate by trying to change the things that happen on stage. This is when she meets nameless student number 13 who she thinks can help in changing her fate.


Before I start this review, I have to point out that this drama reminds me of Carl Jung’s Map of the soul. If you don’t know who he is, he is a psychoanalyst who is well know for his theories of collective unconsciousness and the psyche. He analyzed that a person’s shadow and ego is always in conflict with the persona (which in this case is the stage) (I am giving a terrible explanation, just going to add a picture of what I am trying to say).

This drama illustrates this theory rather well, so we have Dan-oh who finds out by chance that she is a character in a comic book (Which occurs when she developed an ego). She seems to be losing her mind when she remembers things that other people around her don’t. she appears in places anytime she hears a mysterious sound (which by the way is the sound of a page being turned), she is unable to move when the stage begins and she behaves a certain way on stage (stage here refers to what the writer has written i.e. the story in the comic book). But when she is in the shadow, she is able to do anything without the constraints of the comic book plot (Shadow here is when she is not on stage, which to her is the real world as it is really in her mind but not in the comic book writer).

She is engaged to a guy who she has had a crush on for the longest time, but when she developed an ego she realized that she is not really in love with him (by the way Gyeong is an asshole who treated her poorly. Anyways, since she is not the main character, her job basically in the comic was to bring the two main characters together and also be the dying girl who has an abusive asshole of a finance. This is until one of the A3 members also developed an ego and he decides he also wants to change his fate. (by the way, I am so tired of all these Korean high school dramas having these group of boys that are rich and annoying like F4 boys from Boys Over Flowers).

This is when she meets Ha-ru, who she believes can change her fate but when she first meet him, he is an unimportant extra who had no name until she gave him one. This is until they find out that they are from a previous book by the same writer, titled “Trumpet Creeper” which was set in ancient times. They find out that they had a devastating relationship in the previous book but they hold on to their hope that is going to change.

I felt that the characters were well developed and the story itself was so well structured. The actors were just so perfect for their roles, it just fit so well. There were times when the main characters were in the background and the side characters took the spot light and we were able to enjoy the story so much better. Honestly, to me the main characters weren’t that important and although they were the main characters it just didn’t feel that way, which was good because they weren’t really that interesting.

I really enjoyed this drama after I got through my initial confusion, it was a fun watch until I got to the last 10 minutes of the last episode, then I got pissed off again. I don’t know if they were trying to wrap it up nicely or they were hinting that there is another comic, where they are in university, because I just didn’t get it. I don’t like dramas leaving me so confused at the end.

Little Spoiler

He is an asshole, he killed her twice (this is one of those times where I am trying not to spoil but I just can’t help myself)


I gave this drama 8.2 out of 10 stars (I really enjoyed this drama)


Thanks for reading. Have you watched this drama? Did you enjoy it?


Hello and welcome!


I am a bit ambitious with this Tbr list for this month but I am hoping that I get to read them all.

I have actually just finished reading one of the books and will be writing a review soon.

Let’s get it…

The Guinevere Deception by Kiersten White

Inappropriate by Vi Keeland: I just finished reading this and it was so much fun, although at this point I have read so many Vi Keeland books that every new story feels recycled.

Loki by Mackenzi Lee: I know nothing about this book, other than Loki is the god of mischief and I have never read anything about him.

Thunderhead by Neal Schusterman: This is on the books I want to read in 2020 list. I can’t wait to get started, I really enjoyed Scythe.

The Diviner by Libba Bray: Alos on my 2020 list

Don’t Read the Comments by Eric Smith

Venators by Devri Walls


Thanks for reading


Hello and welcome to another post!

As the title suggest, I will be reviewing Vampire Knight which is an anime that I found on netflix. I honestly don’t know how I came across this anime. I was thinking of calling it J-DRAMA but its not really a drama and it doesn’t fit into the category. I don’t think I have ever watched anime and I heard that Avatar: The Last Air Bender don’t count. Anyways this was a nice surprise for me, I have not made up my mind yet about how i feel about this anime.

This anime is an adaptation of a Japanese manga series by Matsuri Hino. There are currently two seasons up on Netflix and this will be a combined review of the two seasons. For this review, I will be removing the cast section as I was unable to identify the voice cast and also, it doesn’t really matter, for me at least. Also, I tried so hard to find the cover of the Manga but there are so many editions and printings out now that i just gave up and picked one.


Vampire Knight


Dark Fantasy






2 seasons (26 episodes)


At Cross Academy, two student disciplinary committee members are tasked with keeping the peace between a human class and a night class of vampires.


Let me start with the part of this anime that confused and annoyed me at the same time. Yuki who is apparently one of the main characters is 15 years old and the anime is set in a highschool. although i can accept that the vampires might be much older than they look which seems to be a running theme in a lot of vampire related content.

Yuki and Zero (by the way if anime Zero came to life, i would absolutely date him) are the two students in the whole school that know what the night class students really are (by the way, the vampires in this anime can walk in the sun), so they are tasked with keeping the order among the students. so obviously all the human students are fawning over the vampire students (that’s expected).

Yuki was saved by Kaname, a pure blood vampire 10 years ago when she was almost devoured (yes I said devoured, the irritating amount of times this fact was said in this anime, piss me off, its like we watching can’t retain any information from the last few episodes we have watched) by another evil vampire. Anyways, so she has some sort of appreciation and love for Kaname.

Zero also has his own storyline and honestly his is more interesting that Yuki, he is family was killed by vampires 4 years ago and he carries a massive hate for vampires until he is faced with a monster within himself. Saying more will be spoiling it, so watch it.

Now for the really troubling part of the whole story is when Kaname asked 15 year old Yuki to be his Lover. So I don’t know how I feel about this proposed relationship, I have to point out that some scenes in this anime was a bit uncomfortable to watch as it was almost overtly sexual for an anime set in a high school.

Other than my overtly sensitive opinions, I actually enjoyed it being the first anime I have watched. It has made me hungry for more anime. if you have any that you think I could really enjoy, then please let me know about it.

By the way, why does does the voice in Yuki’s head sound like Azula from Avatar the last air bender.

So, in season 2 things got a little weird and we find out the relationship between Yuki and Kaname and you wouldn’t believe it. Trust me that came out of no where. I was cringing so hard that my head hurt. The ending was so anticlimactic and it annoyed me.

Little Spoiler

Although she was evil, she was killed by Kaname (trust me, not a massive spoiler) and also someone has a twin (Gosh, this is just to much).


I don’t really know I am to rate this anime given the fact that it is my first one, I guess I will rate it like I rate my books, 6.9 out of 10 stars.


Thanks for reading. Have you watched this Anime? Did you enjoy it?

Book Haul #1

Hello and welcome!!!

I just got off a book buy ban and I am full on buying books again. So to start the new month, I will be showing you a few books I got recently. Although I haven’t seen then around, or even heard anything about them, I am really excited to see what are about.

Let’s get into it…

My Name is Memory by Ann Brashares

I don’t know a lot about this book and I have not really heard anything about it. I do know that its about a guy who can remember his past lives, even since 540 A.D. He meets a girl who is an incarnation of a girl who died tragically in his past life. I just want to finally read it. It has a very interesting plot and story line and I can’t wait to get into it.

John Keats Complete Poems

It is a collection of poems by John Keats and it is one that I have been searching for my collection.

The Orchid Thief by Susan Orlean

I am trying to read more non-fiction books this year which is why I got this book. This book is based on an article written by Orlean. It is about a plant dealer who was determined to close a rare ghost orchid for profit. I think it would be interesting to read this.


Thanks for reading. Have you read any of these books? Did you enjoy it?


Hello and welcome!

Last year I decided that I will start doing a monthly wrap up and hopefully I will keep doing it still the end of the year.

This would involve a run down of all the dramas, books and music that I enjoyed in the particular month, basically me rambling on about the best fictional world I travelled to each month.

So let’s start with the best books I read in January. To be honest, my reading this month was a bit slow and slumpy but I was able to read 4 books this month, 3 of which, were on my January TBR.

Top 2 book I read this month are Blitzed by Alex Martin and With Fire on High by Elizabeth Acevedo.
I gave both books less than 4 stars, I just thought they weren’t really all that impressive but justย  fun reads.

Top 2 dramas I watched and completed this month are The Last Empress and The Prince of Tennis which I have review up on blog now. The have set the tone for the dramas I will be interested in this year. So far so good (by the way, both dramas are available on

Top 5 songs I have had on repeat this month (tried to add the spotify links for the songs)
1. Black Swan by BTS
2. Illusion by Ateez
3. Nobody by Blue.D ft MINO of WINNER
4. Playing Games by Summer Walker ft Bryson Tiller
5. Lose Control by MEDUZA, Becky Hill, Goodboys
Thanks for reading. Have you read any of these books? Or watch any of the dramas? Or have you heard any of these songs?

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