I have watched over 200 KDRAMAS

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Today I will be listing all the korean dramas I have ever watched, I will try to have them in alphabetical order, which would help me stay sane as I try to remember all the ones I have watched. I am sure I have watched more than is one this list but I can’t remember now.
I will be adding a star in front of my favourite dramas (and I mean so good that I cried and laughed), I think you should check out.

  1. 100 days my prince
  2. Absolute boyfriend
  3. Abyss
  4. Age of innocence
  5. Age of youth 1
  6. Age of youth 2
  7. A Korean Odyssey ⭐
  8. Are you human to?
  9. A man called God⭐
  10. Angel eyes
  11. Angel’s last mission⭐
  12. Angel’s revenge
  13. Angry mom
  14. Arang and Magistrate⭐
  15. Arthdal Chronicles
  16. Because this is my first life
  17. Beautiful Gong Shim
  18. Beautiful mind
  19. Beethoven Virus
  20. Birth of a beauty
  21. Blademan
  22. Blood
  23. Boys over flowers
  24. Brain
  25. Bridal mask⭐
  26. Bride of the century
  27. Bride of Habaek
  28. Cheer Up
  29. Cheer Up, Mr kim
  30. Cheese in the trap
  31. Cheongdam-dong Alice
  32. Cheongdam-dong Scandal
  33. Chief Kim
  34. Chicago typewriter ⭐
  35. Chocolate
  36. Cinderella and four knight
  37. Circle
  38. City Hunter⭐
  39. Clean with passion for now
  40. Coffee Prince
  41. Color of a woman
  42. Descendants of the sun⭐
  43. Devilish joy
  44. Doctor John⭐
  45. Doctor Stranger ⭐
  46. Doctors
  47. Dong Yi⭐
  48. Dream high
  49. Dream high 2
  50. Drinking solo
  51. Emergency couple⭐
  52. Empress Ki⭐
  53. Encounter
  54. Entertainer
  55. Entourage
  56. EXO next door
  57. Extraordinary You
  58. Faith⭐
  59. Falling for innocence
  60. Familiar wife
  61. Father is strange
  62. Fashion king
  63. Fated to love you
  64. Fight my way⭐
  65. Flower crew Joseon marriage agency
  66. Flower boy ramen shop
  67. Flower boys next door
  68. Gangnam Beauty
  69. Gentleman dignity
  70. Girl who sees smells
  71. Goodbye to Goodbye⭐
  72. Goblin⭐
  73. Grand prince
  74. Gu family book
  75. Hate to love you
  76. Haechi
  77. Healer⭐
  78. Heart strings
  79. He is psychometric
  80. Hello monster
  81. Her private life⭐
  82. Hey ghost, let’s fight
  83. High Society
  84. High kick 1
  85. High kick 2
  86. High kick 3
  87. Hit the top
  88. Hospital ship
  89. Hotel del luna⭐
  90. Hong gil dong
  91. Hwarang
  92. Hyde, Jekyll, me⭐
  93. I am not a robot
  94. I am sam
  95. I can hear your voice⭐
  96. I need romance 1
  97. I need romance 2
  98. I need romance 3
  99. Ilijimae⭐
  100. Introverted Boss
  101. Investigation Couple 1
  102. Investigation Couple 2
  103. Iris 1
  104. Iris 2
  105. It’s okay, that’s love⭐
  106. Jackpot⭐
  107. Jealousy incarnate
  108. Jewel in the palace⭐
  109. Jumong⭐
  110. K2⭐
  111. Kill me heal me⭐
  112. Kingdom of the wind
  113. Lawless attorney
  114. Liar and his lover
  115. Lie to me
  116. Life
  117. Live
  118. Love alarm
  119. Lucky romance
  120. Mackerel run
  121. MAN X MAN⭐
  122. Marry him if you dare
  123. Mary stayed out all night
  124. Masked prosecutor
  125. Master of study
  126. Melting me softly ⭐
  127. Memories of Alhambra⭐
  128. Miss Hammurabi
  129. Mistress
  130. Misty
  131. Mirror of the witch
  132. Monster
  133. Moon lovers⭐
  134. Moonlight drawn by clouds
  135. Moorim school
  136. My country
  137. Mr Sunshine
  138. My girlfriend is a nine tailed fox
  139. My love from the stars⭐
  140. My sassy girl
  141. My secret romance
  142. My strange hero
  143. My wife is having an affair this week
  144. Oh my ghost
  145. Oh my venus
  146. One spring night⭐
  147. Orange Marmalade
  148. Our gap soon
  149. Page Turner
  150. Partners of justice 1
  151. Partners of justice 2
  152. Personal taste⭐
  153. Pinocchio⭐
  154. Playful Kiss
  155. Potato star 2013QR3
  156. Prime Minster and I
  157. Producers
  158. Prosecutor princess
  159. Queen for seven days⭐
  160. Queen In Hyun Man
  161. Queen of the ring
  162. Radiant office
  163. Radio romance
  164. Reply 1988
  165. Reply 1994
  166. Reply 1997
  167. Reunited worlds
  168. Revolutionary Love
  169. Rich Man Poor Man
  170. Risky romance
  171. Romance is a bonus book⭐
  172. Romantic Dr kim
  173. Rooftop prince
  174. Rookie historian Goo Hae Ryung⭐
  175. Rude miss young ae
  176. Ruler of the mask⭐
  177. Sassy go go
  178. Saimdang, lights diary
  179. Scent of a woman
  180. Scholar who walks the night
  181. School 2013
  182. School 2015
  183. School 2017
  184. Search: WWW ⭐
  185. Secret garden
  186. Seducer
  187. Shopping king louie
  188. She was pretty
  189. SKY castle⭐
  190. Smile has left your eyes
  191. Splash splash love
  192. Something in the rain⭐
  193. Strong woman do bong soon
  194. Strongest Deliveryman
  195. Suspicious partner⭐
  196. SungKyunKwan scandal
  197. Suspicious housekeeper
  198. Sweet revenge 1
  199. Taming of the heir
  200. The Heirs
  201. The crowned clown⭐
  202. The Kings 2 Hearts
  203. The king and I
  204. The Legend of the blue sea
  205. The Master’s sun⭐
  206. The moon that embraces the sun
  207. The return of iljimae⭐
  208. The tale of nokdu
  209. The third charm
  210. The beauty inside
  211. The best hit
  212. The prime minister and I
  213. The girl who can see scents
  214. The Suspicious housekeeper
  215. The wind blows
  216. Touch your heart⭐
  217. Tree with deep roots
  218. Uncontrollably fond
  219. Vagabond
  220. VIP
  221. W-Two worlds
  222. Warrior baek dong soo⭐
  223. Weightlifting fairy Kim Bok Joo
  224. What is wrong with Secretary Kim⭐
  225. When man falls in love
  226. When the Camellia blooms
  227. While you were asleep
  228. Who are you? 1
  229. Who are you? 2
  230. Who are you: school 2015
  231. Witch’s romance
  232. Wok of love
  233. Woman of 9.9 billion
  234. Yong pal⭐
  235. You’re beautiful
  236. Your honor

A few of these dramas are on going but I am currently watching them and will probably end up on list anyways.
Thanks for reading.
Have you watched any of these dramas?

Books I wish I read in 2019

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As the year draws to a close I realized that there are some books I was really excited to read this year but didn’t read.

I am hoping that I will be able to read them in 2020 (woah! I can’t believe I have spent over 2 decades in this world) hmm!

Anyways since I will be starting my Blogmas soon, you should check my BLOGMAS ANNOUNCEMENT. I decide to just post them here.

Let’s get it

Wayward son by Rainbow Rowell

I was really hyped up for this one, because I loved the first book so much. I hope I am able to get to it at the beginning of the new year.


Renegades by Marrisa Meyer

Honestly this is very high up my TBR pile, along with Nevernight. They are series I just cant wait to get to.


Nevernight by Jay Kristoff


The Missing of Clairedelune by Christelle Dabos

I read the first book and I absolutely loved it. I can’t for the love of me, figure out why I didnt read the second book. And it was available in the library.🙄


The Diviners by Libba Bray

Oh my love, this is the 3rd year that I have had this on the I wish I read list, hopefully I will read this in 2020


Thanks for reading.

Have you read any of these books?


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A single bird in the sky

Is it lonely in its freedom?

A single sun in the sky

Is it lonely in its brilliance?

A massive rainbow in the sky

Is it lonely in its beauty?

A winner, lonely in her triumph

A loser, lonely in her misery

Sad lonely beauty

Space and time take a break

If winning means to be alone

Then I choose to lose

If losing means misery

Then I choose to win

This sad lonely beauty as me in conflict

Happiness in loneliness?

I have tried, we might want to be alone but not lonely

I am lonely in this hellish misery

Could it be worse?


Thanks for reading.


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Since I started this type of blog post I realized that I have been listening to a lot of new music. I am really loving it.

Anyways here we go…

My current reading playlist

  • Fever by J.Y.Park
  • Obsession by EXO
  • Someone You Loved by Lewis Capaldi
  • Dumb Litty by KARD
  • All good girls go to hell by Billie Eilish
  • Mikrokosmos by BTS
  • 20cm by TXT
  • Lean on me by 10cm
  • Love Poem by IU
  • Be good to me by Jacob Banks
  • Exorcism by Clarity
  • Ghost by Banners
  • Make a shadow by Meg Myers
  • Bloodsport ’15 by Raleigh Ritchie


Thanks for reading

Have you heard any of these songs?

BLOGMAS Announcement

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So I thought about doing this from the 1st of December but stuff came up and I couldn’t, anyways, better late than never.
My blogmas is going to be for 10 days, from 15th December to 25th December. I will be talking about a range of topics.
Since I review book, movies, music and dramas on my blog, I can’t call it Bookmas, hence the title.

BLOGMAS topics for each day
Day 1: Blogmas TBR
Day 2: Steamy books to keep you warm
Day 3: As cold as ice (Books with egotistical main characters or just pure evil characters)
Day 4: A movie, a book, a song, and a drama (that just works together)
Day 5: Top 10 books of 2019
Day 6: 24hrs Christmas read-a-thon
Day 7: 3 hyped books of 2019
Day 8: Anticipated books of 2020
Day 9: Top 15 Songs of 2019
Day 10: Bookmas Haul
Thanks for reading.
I hope you check them out each day.
If you are also partaking, then link your blog and let’s check them out!


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This is Chang Wook first drama since he came out of the military and it is so amazing. I am really sad that it didnt get the hype that it deserved.

Such an amazing drama, I wish there was more like this.

  • Title

Melting Me Softly

  • Genre


Romantic Comedy

  • Year


  • Cast

Ji Chang Wook

Won Ji Ah

Yon Se Ah

  • Episode

16 Episodes

  • Synopsis

Ma Dong Chan and Go Mi Ran are both frozen during an experiment. They wake up 20 years later instead of 24 hourd later and must keep their body temperature below 33°C in order to survive

  • Review

20 years ago Dong Chan was the director of a TV show were they tried different experiments and Mi ran was a college student who acted as their participant. So when her life seems to be at the edge, Dong Chan asks her to partake in an experiment with him.

20 years later they woke to find out that the experiment which was supposed to last a day, lasted 20 years and they find all these mysterious clues about the event.

They were the first cryonics to live. The doctor who put them in the chamber has lost his memory and now they have to deal with their enemies and their temperature. The experiment resulted in them having a body temperature of 31.5°C.

The steamy romance between the two of them is as fatal as the external forces.

  • Little Spoiler

His wife falls in love with him, even with all his bullshit but he never stops being an asshole

  • Rating

I gave this a 8.9 out of 10 stars.

Thanks for reading

Have you watched this drama? Did you like it?

Books I have read recently #9

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It’s been a while since I did a book review but today I will be reviewing a few books I have read in the past month.


Park Avenue Player by Penelope Ward and Vi Keeland


I am rating this book quite high, it is the complete package. Story of loss, acceptance and love. Honestly telling you anything is spoiling it. So we have this girl who put men in compromising situation in order to help her divorce clients. Until she finds a job as a babysitter for an asshole.

Only to later find out that they were pushed together by a lost love


I gave this book 4.2 out of 5 stars


Oopsie Daisy by Iris Morland


A twist to the classic professor, graduate student relationship. What happens when she is her brother in law’s cousin.


I gave this book 4.1 out of 5 stars


Royal Holiday by Jasmine Guillory


When vivian’s daughter decides to take her along to England. She realizes that it was probably best to get away for the christmas.

Getting to England, she stays in the palace and meets malcolm Hudson the hot private Secretary of the queen. She bbegins to feel something for him and…. honestly I dont know how to review this book. All I know is that I really enjoyed it, it was a cute and fun book to read. This book really centred on relationships, Vivian’s relationship he daughter, malcolm’s relationship with his nephew, their relationship.

It is fun and easy to read.


I gave this book 4.6 out of 5 stars


Reveal Me by Taherah Mafi


This isn’t my best novella but I have to say that it shed some light on some things from the last book.
Really love Kenji’s relationship


I gave this 2.7 out of 5 stars


Top Secret by Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy


This is one of the hottest books I have read in a while.
So one day Kaeton’s girlfriend says she wants a threesome for her birthday and he try to be the perfect boyfriend decided to indulge her.
So he goes on an app, to find a good Match.
That when he meets Luke who is a member of the same frat
When they get talking Keaton realises someone that put him in perspective


I gave this book 4 out of 5 stars


The Billionaire’s forbidden little sister by Max Monroe


This was just so hilarious and hot.


I gave this 3.2 out of 5 stars


The Bromance Book Club by Lyssa Kay Adams


This is one of my favourite books I have read in a while. When star major league player Gavin finds out that his wife has been faking orgasms for the entirety of their marriage he reacts badly and she kicked him out.

This puts a strain on their already strained relationship as she brings up divorce. This is when he realizes that he allowed his pride to get the best of him.

His only help comes from his group of friends who happen to have a romance book club and he is invited to join. Has he joins and begins to read books about other failing relationships and how they got back together, he uses the trick he have learnt to win his wife back.

I absolutely enjoyed this book.


I gave this book 5 out of 5 stars


Thanks for reading, have you read any of these books?


Hello and welcome!


I blew through this book. Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward are just amazing, they are back with another and it is as heartbreaking, heart-mending and hot as hell.

You know how much I appreciate books with rockstars as main characters. That was just an additional spice in this book.


Years ago they were pen pals, then a traumatic event pulled them apart. Luca seems to have forgotten her pen pal Griffin while she is buried in her past and struggling with her agoraphobia every day. One day she gets a letter from him, and all he as to say if how much she sucks.

This letters seems to bring out that passion she once felt and this results in her writing a response, which leads to them communicating again.

Griffin who was living in London is now a big time leader of a band and well known but since he is using a pen name, she never found out. He is intrigued by her letter so he sets out to find who she is, only he doesnt know that she has also found the will and has set out to find who he is.

When she finds him, he isn’t what she expects but that doesn’t dim the passion she feels for him.

This is me trying so had not to spoil the book.


And yes I curated a short playlist which I have titled LUCA

  • Love Poem by IU
  • Oh Luca!
  • Adore by Dean Lewis


I gave this book 4.8 out of 5 stars


If you would like to hear the song OH LUCA! Then click this LINK


Thanks for reading.

5 of my all time fantasy TV shows

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One thing I love as much as I do reading is watching TV shows, movies dramas and the likes. As much as I love romance ein my movies, their is something I love more and that is fantasy. In my life I have watched a lot of fantasy as it is my favourite genre to both read and watch.

Most of them are actually book to TV adoptions and I just love them. Today I will be mention a few of my All time fantasy shows.

I will be stating why I love each, the characters, the actors, the directing, the plot, the location qnd everything in between


1. Grimm

This is my all time favourite, even with all the new ones, this is still my best.

It is an American fantasy police procedural drama television series which aired from October 28, 2011 to March 31, 2017. The series’ narrative follows portland Homicide detective Nick Burkhardt who discovers he is a Grimm, the latest in a line of guardians who are sworn to keep the balance between humanity and mythological creatures, known as wesen.

The drama has a dark and fantastical twist whose characters where inspired by the Grimms’ Fairy Tales.

The series kicks off with Nick’s Aunt coming to visit him, only she is attacked which leads to a whole spew of secrets he didn’t know about, including him being a Grimm.

I can’t count the amount of times I have watched this show. There are just so many things happening. The actors where so good and involved with their characters, for me the actors made the show great.

Favourite character is Monroe.


2. Merlin

It is a British fantasy-adventure TV show that aired from 20 September 2008 24 December 2012. This is one of my oldest ones on this list. It’s been a while since I watched it, but it is here on this list.
Merlin is a reimagining of the legend in which the future King Arthur and Merlin are young contemporaries. Arthur’s father Uther Pendragon has banned magic in Camelot. Its use is punishable by death, forcing Merlin to keep his magical powers secret from everyone in Camelot other than his mentor Gaius. Arthur grows from a young, self-absorbed boy to the mighty king in the legends, while Merlin develops into his colossal role in creating the powerful Camelot.

I do have to say I hate the way it ended, someone died, I don’t want to give spoilers if you haven’t watched it but I was so angry and disappointed.

Favourite is definitely Merlin, he is hilarious and powerful but at the same time he really doesnt know what he is doing, so we get to go with him in his journey.


3. Game of Thrones

It is an American Fantasy drama based on the A song of ice and fire book series by George R. Martin. this show aired from April 17, 2011 to May 19, 2019

Okay I know there are a lot of Game of Thrones fans out there but there are some people who don’t get the hype. I have been following this series since season 1 and seeing its final season is just so painful and at the same time relieving. I can finally move on with my life. But a show that have Dragons, trust me, it is good.

I am not going to attempt to write a short review of this extensive drama. so here is a link to the Wikipedia page.

Yes I have a crush on Jon snow

If you are looking for a series to binge, this is the perfect one, although you might lose you hair from anger and excitement. my favourite part of the whole show is possibly when that annoying brother was finally given the crown of gold he deserved, there are so many scene I could have chosen but I felt this one was well deserved. lol


4. Legend of the Seeker

This is a TV adaptation of The Sword of Truth by Terry Goodkind. It’s a shame that the show was cancelled after 2 seasons. It really broke my heart because I was really invested in the show.

Briefly it’s about this guy who finds out that he is the seeker of truth while realizing that he is related to the guy troubling mankind. but he is guided by the mother confessor who is respected across the midlands along with a very famous and power wizard. I am not really doing any good with the explanation but believe me the show is really good and it’s really sad that the show was discontinued.

Cara was just that girl, I love her and let’s not forget the episode where Kahlan was dressed like a Mord-Sith, that shit was hot (pardon my language)

Although this show is not one you can breeze through because it takes a bit to actually know what is going on ad you have to be quite invested to get through the first few episodes, although the steamy sexual tension between Richard and Kahlan would keep you trapped.


5. Teen Wolf

This is an American teen supernatural drama that aired from June 5, 2011 to September 24, 2017.

This is my favourite on this list, I can can’t count the amount of times I have indulged and re-watched this drama. Stiles is by far the most funny character on serial tv. This show follows this teenager who becomes a werewolf by accident, but becomes the alpha of the pack (trust me this is not a spoiler, you really need to watch this show) along with his best friend Stiles which to me was the main character in this show, his character brought the life into this show.

It’s not forget the hot cast list in this drama. Oh my Derek!

Each episode is so intensive and action packed that it is no surprise that it was well received.


A few extras I would like to include The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Supernatural, True Blood, Charmed and Once Upon A Time.


Thanks for reading

Have you watched any of these shows? Which is your favourite?

Phenomenal BTS quotes: A selfish and selfless experience

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You all seem to love 15 Namjoon Phenomenal quoted, which led me to make this post. In this post I will be attempting to list quite a number of what I believe to be the most inspiring quotes by BTS.

BTS is a seven member group from south Korean who have taken the world by storm while sharing their message of self love and self acceptance all over the world.

Most of the quotes in this post come from their concerts, music, live streams, award speeches, other speeches and even videos (bon voyage, run BTS and much more). When I listen or read their quotes I am always let inspired and encouraged to love myself and the day I am currently living and sometimes I cry. I just become a sobbing mess. They open your eyes, I once said that BTS make me both selfish and selfless.

I don’t regret becoming a fan, I don’t think I can help it (not here for a BTS advertisement). So without further ado lets get into it.

  • Go on your path, even if you live just for a day – Park Jimin

  • I hope you know your limits well, but don’t stay within those limits. Overcome the limits each day- Kim Namjoon

  • Life is a sculpture that you cast as you make mistakes and learn from them- Kim Namjoon

  • In Korean, the word “future” is made up of two parts. the first part means “not” and the second means “to come”. in the sense, “future” means something that will not come. this is to say; the future is now and our now is us living our future- Kim Namjoon

  • I believe that there’s no improvement if you have an inferiority complex and victim mentality- Kim Namjoon

  • Don’t be trapped in someone else’s dream- Kim Taehyung

  • Emotions are so different in every situation and every moment, so I think to agonize every moment is what life it – Min Yoongi

  • This moment won’t ever come again- Intro: The Most Beautiful Moment in Life

  • Live your life. it’s yours anyway. don’t try too hard. its okay to lose- Fire

  • Its all right to not have a dream, if you have moment where you feel happiness for a while- Paradise

  • Those who want to look more youthful should live life with a young heart- Jin

  • I think that there’s no need to live your life based on the standard of others. everyone says “dream big”. but I don’t think you have to live so fiercely like that all the time- Kim Namjoon

  • Even if you are not perfect, you are limited edition- Kim Namjoon

  •   The only time you should look back is to see how far you have come- Butterfly

  • Effort makes you. you will regret someday if you don’t do your best now. don’t think its too late but keep working on it. it takes time, but there’s nothing that gets worse due to practicing. so practice. you may get depressed, but it’s evidence that you are doing good- Jeon Jungkook

  • Life is tough, and things don’t always work out well, but we should be brave and go on with our lives- Min Yoongi

  • Your answers are within you, you just need to find them- Kim Namjoon

  • If you want to love a person, you should know that there are tears, and there can even be hatred inside of it. I think a love really includes all of that -Kim Namjoon

  • If I want to die, I’ll strive to live as much as I want to die – MOONCHILD

I will stop here for today

Thanks for reading

I hope you enjoyed it.

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