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Review of Bridgerton by Julia Quinn

Hello and welcome to another book series review!

This time, I am reviewing all eight books in the Bridgertons series by Julia Quinn! This book series was recently picked by Shonda Rhimes legendary producer for her new collective work with Netflix under Shondaland. Having completed the first season of Bridgerton on Netflix, I am highly anticipating what Shonda would give us next.

Since I loved watching the Netflix show, I decided to read all the books in the series. I am always an advocate of the ‘books are better than their adaptation’. Honestly, I cannot say that for this show better they did such an amazing job with this show that I am not disappointed. considering that I have read the books now, I am doubly happy with what Netflix has provided.

With the first season of Bridgerton on Netflix focusing on the first book in the series, I decided to mash the review together!

The Duke and I

Since I watched Bridgerton on Netflix, I have been itching to read the books and see how much of the books we actually get in the series. Considering the fact that I really enjoyed the series, I thought what better way to get swallowed by the story that to binge read all eight books in the Bridgertons series.

Each book in the Bridgerton series following one of the eight Bridgerton siblings. The first book, The Duke and I follow the eldest of the female Bridgertons, Daphne.
Daphne is about 21 and is just being introduced to society. She is in her first-ever season (essentially she is making her debut in the marriage market). She soon catches the eyes of the famous Lady Whistledown who has simply made herself the god of gossip and information in London. Lady Whistledown is willing to offend anyone for the perfect story. With chaste Daphne out in society, it is now time for her to find herself a husband. Unfortunately for her, with the death of her father, her oldest brother Anthony is responsible for brokering a favourite marriage partner for her. We all know how brothers can be overly RESPONSIBLE. Anthony ends up finding an issue with every suitable suitor and soon Daphne is no longer as desirable as she once was at the start of the season.
Then we meet handsome as sin Simon Basset, Duke of Hastings. Simon is far hotter and sexier than his title (I am going off Rege-jean that played Simon in the Netflix adaptation, the man has a great ass on him, I am hot for him, not gonna lie). Anyway, they both meet and soon she finds out that Simon is her brother Anthony’s close friend. From what we know of Anthony’s rakish ways, Daphne expects that Simon is also a rake. Their meeting is not so pleasant, but they cannot deny the attraction that they feel for one another. Simon being a Duke means that he is the prey of every ambitious mama in London trying to find a husband for her daughter. With Daphne’s popularity going down and Simon’s trail of ambitious vultures mamas, he devises a plan with Daphne for them to fake court. He would pretend to be interested in her which would make the mamas get off his back but at the same time make Daphne more desirable to the male population (times were different).

******To Avoid Unnecessary Spoilers I will skip ahead ********** TW: RAPE
They get married, then she finds out why he cannot give her children. This leads her to rape him. Compared to the show where honestly the scene was handled a little more delicately (i am not among the group of people who thinks the scene needs to be scrapped, this was a turning point in their relationship. I, however, do not like how the aftermath was handled, Daphne did not apologize, in no way did she acknowledge or feel remorse for what she did to Simon). In the book, Simon was drunk and while it was written to show that he was aroused, there is no excuse due to the fact that she had prior knowledge and understanding that, he did not want to have a child with her. She forced him to c*m inside her was her taking his ability to control he wants her needs.
Take into account the authors own words
“He shifted restlessly, and Daphne felt the strangest, most intoxicating surge of power. He was in her control, she realized. He was asleep, and probably still more than a little drunk, and she could do whatever she wanted with him. She could have whatever she wanted”
She absolutely knew what she was doing and people claiming she was too innocent and chaste to understand are just making excuses. If she could fight off Nigel Berbrooke for being loose with his honor then she can understand the basic tenets of consent!

I honestly can go on and one about this scene but as this is just one scene is an otherwise lovely and romantic story. I will give this book 3.8 stars. I enjoyed the family banter, the relationship between the siblings, the understanding of loss, and the vivid picture Julia Quinn creates throughout the story.


Thanks for reading…

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