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It’s 2019 and I have been watching Korean dramas for over 12 years! I can’t believe it. It started with me being so obsessed with TV shows and it morphed into dramas and one day I found myself watching JUMONG, which was my first ever Korean drama! During the course of watching all the episodes, I was thrust into the world of Korean dramas and K-POP.

I have seen a lot more dramas which means I have seen a lot more actors come and go, many I loved and even follow/ stalk on social media, others go in passing.

But today I will be listing 5 Korean actors that I am currently obsessed with, which means I love their acting and they really captivated my attention (this is not just about how handsome or hot they are!)

1. Lee Jong Suk

He started his career as a runway model and walked the runway during the Seoul Fashion Week but I didn’t hear of him until I watched him the drama DOCTOR STRANGER, which is about a doctor who was trained in North Korea after his father was tricked and sent to North Korea to treat their supreme leader but was then stuck in there and he had to grow up in harsh environment but still happened to fall in love only for his love to be yanked away. This was the first Korean drama I saw him in and that just made me love him so much, the way he expresses emotions…. there is so much depth to his acting…. This is the point where I say ‘it’s like he becomes the character’.

I have since watched a lot of his dramas, including PINOCCHIO (2014), I HEAR YOUR VOICE (2013), W (2016), WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING (2017) and ROMANCE IS A BONUS BOOK (2019) which is one I am currently watching and I can’t wait for the next episode.

2. Park Seo Joon

Not to be biased but I am so in love with this guy! He always brings comedy to his acting… there is no way you can watch him without laughing, he is just so good at what he does that it almost seems natural. I first saw him in the 2015 drama KILL ME, HEAL ME, he was not the main character but his character was just so intriguing that I became so invested in him, he played the supposed twin brother to a girl was abused and adopted by his parents, only now he is a very popular writer and he is currently investigating a rich heir who has dissociative identity disorder. There is no way for me to explain this drama more without giving away some spoilers!

I have since watched a lot of his dramas, including SHE WAS PRETTY (2015), HWARANG: THE POET WARRIOR (2016), FIGHT FOR MY WAY (2017), MIDNIGHT RUNNERS (2017) which is a film and WHAT’S WRONG WITH SECRETARY KIM (2018). All these are romantic comedies except Hwarang and midnight runners.

3. Yoo Seung-Ho

I feel like he should be higher on my list (this is me trying not to use heart-eyed emoticons). Although I recently just fell in love with him, he has been active since 1999 and was first popular as a child actor in the 2002 film THE WAY HOME. His first film I watched was the 2015 film MAGICIAN where he played the magician who fell in love with the princess who was to be married to the prince of the Qing dynasty. The drama that made my heart his was where he played the masked crown prince in the 2017 drama THE EMPEROR: OWNER OF THE MASK along with Kim So-hyun. This drama was just so perfect! His acting on point, anytime he was in pain, it seemed my heart broke.
Then my feelings became more intense with him in the 2018 romance comedy series I’M NOT A ROBOT

4. Yeo Jin-Goo

Boy oh boy do I love him, he is just so perfect (ok now I am rambling) this guy has done everything, from child actor to vampire blood bag, to acting in 2013 action thriller HWAYI: A MONSTER BOY to time travelling in REUNITED WORLDS then to playing dual roles in a period drama currently airing THE CROWNED CLOWN. This is definitely one of his best work. Here he plays a deranged king and also the king look alike who is a clown who does street shows, but one day one of the kings trustee found him and brought in into the place to take the place of the king who is currently having is life threatened by the members of his court! This drama is just a lot and every episode just ends in a cliff hanger that makes me pull my hair out.
The dual personalities he expresses in this drama gives me whip lash and a new definition to the word ‘actor’! And I love it

5. Park Bo Gum

The reason why he is not higher on my list is because I haven’t watched a lot of dramas with him in it but the ones I have watched definitely left a lasting impression! There is no role he can’t play, from a psychopathic lawyer in the 2015 drama HELLO MONSTER to a crown prince who falls in love in the 2016 drama LOVE IN THE MOONLIGHT, there is nothing this guy can’t do.

He has the poker face that you don’t know if he is about to laugh or give a death stare, you don’t know what he is doing. I am always intrigued to see him in movies and of course I stalk him on Instagram (I can’t help myself)

Thanks for reading!

Have you watched any of the dramas mentioned above? Which did you like more

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How I read 51 Books in January 2019!!!!



At the beginning of this year, I signed up for the goodreads reading challenge with the devotion of reading 200 books! I know overambitious, BUT with the rate I am reading, I might just finish the challenge before year end.

So today I will be telling you how I managed to read 51 books in January! Yes, I did say 51 books!!!

I generally read a lot of genres but this month seem to be the month of romance and fantasy because more than 95% of the books I read fall into one or both of these categories.

So therefore I read a lot of romance, who doesn’t like romance 😍😍😍(CHECK OUT MY ROMANCE AUTHOR RECOMMENDATION)

1. I made sure to read books that I knew I could finish in one day, that means reading books with pages less than 1000 (now this amount of pages is just based on how fast I read and my experience in the past, you might read faster or slower, just know your pace)

2. I made sure to read books by authors I trusted and whose books I have read and loved in the past such as Penelope Ward, Vi Keeland, Emma Chase, Sarah J. Maas, Taherah Mafi, Erin Watt

3. I read a lot of serial books such as Restore Me which the fourth book in the shatter me series, escaping from Houdini which is the third book in the stalking jack the ripper series, heir of fire which is the third book in the throne of glasses series (reason being that these were series that I actually enjoyed and was already invested in the world and characters)

4. I read a lot of romance books that were part of a series, such as the ROYALLY series by Emma Chase, the ROYALS COLLECTION by Louise Bay, Manhattan series by Katy Evans I loved the characters so much that I couldn’t imagine how fast I blew through the whole series in a

5. Have a reading buddy! There are a lot of groups on goodreads and this really helped me a lot (I read Always Never Yours by Emily Wibberley and Austin Siegmund-Broka and I really enjoyed it)

6. Read that book that your favorite Booktuber is always talking about! (so I am obsessed with clockwork reader on YouTube and I have been watching her videos for years and she is always talking about how good The Seven husbands of Evelyn Hugo is, so I picked it up and it is definitely the best book I read in January) just read that recommended book!


What books did you read in January?

Let’s discuss them in the comment section!

I am always up for a buddy read

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Have you read a book from the POV of the Dead?




I was used for money ritual, okay some of you will probably say ‘it’s because I have wide mouth’ or ‘I put myself in the position to be used’ and now that I look back, you are not wrong but should I really be blamed for the cruelty the world has dealt me.

Looking and seeing no repercussion for the loss of my life, maybe I wasn’t all that special or maybe the ritualist were smarter than the police. I see him driving around in his new BMW, his new babes, attending the bopping parties, meeting celebrities, even governors, even doing some philantrophic work and I wonder when he would suffer for what he had done.

My new friends tell me that some don’t even remember the atrocities they have committed, some enjoy their lives to the fullest with no repercussion for the evil they have done.

Which leads to my unanswered questions, who is to blame?

And when are they going to suffer for what they have done to me?

Being someone who have always had my eyes on the big things, love the exorbitant lifestyle, the sugardaddy lifestyle, the yahoo boy lifestyle, the social media influencer life style, the longer than heaven lashes lifestyle, any lifestyle that made me seem more than I was, was what I liked and wanted.

It might have been a poison that I was born in the time where social media was I thing, I wish I never knew it but I can’t put all the blame on it. What people had, I wanted, is there anyone who doesn’t like good things? There is no one who doesn’t like good things, the problem is most of us don’t want to wait fot the right time.
That day was my end day, I had always gotten away, always made it home and promised to stop but I don’t know why I kept doing it…. Well I do know why…. Money

I met Kunle at the usual joint which was one of the popular hotels in our small area, every smoker, drunkard and streetboys know the joint and I always went there every Friday. I had gone home with Kunle before, we had even had sex before and he paid me well, it was a very clean business, we both knew what we wanted and I thought this time would be the same. I was even happy because I felt safe with him for some reason, so when he came up to me and told me, he wanted me for the night, I told my friends (or so called friends) and left with him.

When we got to the hotel, (he took me to an hotel instead of his house, which I should have thought of strange but I didn’t, something must have been wrong with my head) he told he to go on up, that he was going to order a bottle of wine. Getting to his room, I took a shower and waited on the bed, while checking my bag for condoms and reading my admission letter to the university which I had shoved into my bag earlier.

I smiled happy, and kunle entered and he smiled too when he saw me. He nodded to me and walked into the bathroom and I could hear the shower running.
It was a quick shower and when he came out, he wasted no time in getting in bed and kissing my neck, his cracked nails and rough fingers trailing down my stomach as he pushed his fingers inside me. I felt him push something else in me and I pushed him away quickly, asking what he had put in me but he started to say something that sounded like incantations and I began to see two of him, then it became three, until he became infinite and I tried to push him off me, pushing my nails into his arms but he hit my head and it snapped to the side.

I tried to scream but nothing came, I became frantic and tried to trash around but I couldn’t move. I knew then that I was going to die, I was going to be used, I was going to be like those girls in the paper, I was going to be the unfortunate incident!

I watched him as he stood from the bed and walked to his bag as he pulled out a knife and walked back to me, I started to scream again but no sound came from me, I cried but no tears came! I watched him as he stabbed me three times in the stomach, my blood splashing on his face, his chest and his arms. All I saw was pure evil and not the kunle who had picked me at the club.

At this point, I was having an out of body experience, because there was no way I was still alive! He cut off my breasts and dropped them in a plastic bag, moving between my legs and cutting me, gathering the pieces of me in the bag and I watched him as he did all these unable to move or ask for help.

When he finished, he wrapped my parts carefully and placed them in his bag, he walked to the shower and when he came out, he was kunle again but no remorse in his eyes, nothing to betray what he had done, then I guess this was not his first time, I am probably his renewal sacrifice!!

Next I know, I am in his booth and he is driving away from the hotel, he dumps my body at the gate of the market and drove away. I laid there, naked as the day I was born, emptying my blood on the road and I began to thnk about when it all went wrong and I thought of my mother, my sister, my admission letter, the fifteen thousand naira in my account, the people I owed money and the people who owed me.

I thought I was meant to be somewhere else now, maybe hell or heaven but I am no where, I am just here, silent, unable to change anything but wait till the morning broke and the market began to fill and people began to gather around me, some taking pictures, some crying, some blaming me, some blaming the world, some knew me, most didn’t.

And I wonder, what impact did I make, I can’t believe I just came to the world to be used for money, to be made a lesson of, to be used. I should have done more, I should have done something.

The police couldn’t find out who did it, the ones who knew who did it didn’t speak up, my so-called friends helped him spend his money, my mother cried, my sister cried but moved on, she even collected my money from the bank. In a week, I was forgotten, anytime they spoke about me, I was the girl who was used.

Everyone forgot me, kunle forgot me, he spent his money, he got another girl, he continued his sacrifice renewal, he is still alive and young, still has money, no repercussion yet for what he did!

I am Angry!

But who am I angry with?

No one!

Thanks for Reading

Authors’ Note…

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This is just a short story I wrote, I have been trying to developing my short writing skills.


Goodreads|| Theeuphoriczat


Welcome my book lovers!

The 3 series I mention in this post are the ones I read pretty recently, mainly within the last year and beginning of this year.


This series is exceptional close to my heart because of the main characters’ love for forensic medicine and their unrelenting pursuit of the truth. As an anatomist, my love for these books know no bounds, it is rare to find a gem like this and to have found not one but three books in this series is genuinely heartwarming for me. I sure can’t undermine the intense banter and romance between Thomas and Audrey, it was definitely the spice the book needed, changing it from a forensic textbook to forensic paradise.

The first book is STALKING JACK THE RIPPER, here we are first introduced to the characters. The character development in this first story is quite slow so we get to see jack the ripper murders fictionalized through the eyes of the author and how the characters react to it. Also points the fact that it was in a time period where forensic science was not an accepted female vocation and Audrey was able to stand for what she wanted. I was ecstatic that she didn’t make Audrey into a whimpering idiot who couldn’t stand for what she wanted as a lot of authors who write for this time period do. They go around trying to find jack the ripper and the person they got hurt them more than they could have imagined.

The second book is HUNTING PRINCE DRACULA, here Audrey was able to convince her father to allow her go to Europe’s best forensic medicine school which happens to be in the heart of Romania and of course the legendary Vlad the Impaler had to get involved! The school itself is wrapped up in mystery and intrigue and once again they are compelled to investigate the strange murders.

The third book is ESCAPING FROM HOUDINI; the whole book happens on a one-week voyage across the Atlantic. A strange circus is performing on each night on the ship and mysterious and freakish death and bodies are found in strange and disconcerting manners which leads to a string of investigations by Audrey, Thomas and her uncle. One thing I didn’t like about this particular book was the unnecessary love triangle that festered, but thankfully that was quickly expunged.

This was an all-round delicious journey, if you love mystery, intrigue, a dash of romance, forensics then this is the book for you! The title of the next book in the series is CAPTURING THE DEVIL and expected publication date is September 26, 2019!


This is on the list of my all-time favorite series. There is just something about these books that just make me love them. There is a lot of world building which I feel was really a gem when I was reading it, gave me the feel of being a character and just going places with the other characters in the book. The characters are so well developed that it is unbelievable, they almost seem real and the expandable plot is just amazing. Even the influx of new characters as the series progressed was gracefully implemented into the books. It is simply amazing

The first book is AN EMBER IN THE ASHES, takes us into this fictional martial empire in a brutal world where families are torn apart and but where there is pain, in this case there is more pain. Laia and Elias are my life right now, they just fit so well, I don’t care what anyone says, they are the perfect fit! Elias is a soldier in the empire military academy and soon Laia enter into the academy as a spy for people who promises to rescue her brother from the clutches of the empire savagery. Then Laia and Elias meet and it is like the constellations shift, because Elias wants to be free from the military and Laia wants to free her people from the tyranny, their destinies intertwine and the choice they make would change the empire’s fate!

The second book is A TORCH AGAINST THE NIGHT, I have to point out that the cliffhangers in this books sure had me gripping my hair, I couldn’t take my eyes of the pages because something is always happening to someone and Laia and Elias always land themselves in some kind of trouble. They finally escaped the city and are going to get her brother from the most secure prison while traveling through the heart of the empire with empire soldiers searching for them and arrows pointed at their backs. They are also traveling with a stranger who has dawned the face of a friend. Oh and Helene the new blood shrike, I don’t know how to put her, she is a good person with dedicated loyalties to the wrong people. At least no one dies in this book, well not the people I love.

The third book is A REAPER AT THE GATES, this is the one that destroyed me, this series just gets better with each book, the tension, the heartbreak, the violence and the unexpected plot twists just made my emotions go haywire. It’s like nothing more can go wrong and Sabaa Tahir is like, don’t be too sure about that. The Nightbringer, this dude gets on my nerves but I have to say it really isn’t his fault, if someone hurt me has much as they hurt him, I would be looking for revenge too but definitely not at the cost of Elias selling is humanity and leaving the love of his life.

I read these books in June, 2018 and I still can’t get them out of my mind, the cliffhanger as me developing theories and I can’t wait for the next book. The expected publication date is April 2020 but we don’t have a title or a book cover but I am sure it would be worth the wait.


This is one I had a lot of mixed feelings going into as I had not heard anything about the book but boy am I glad I read it. At first I didn’t know who was who and what was happening but the more I read I couldn’t put it down. To me this book is more about the characters and less about the world building because the author didn’t focus a lot on that and I think it was a great route because this was a character and relationship driven story. Betrayal, death, love is thick in the air and it is just perfectly written.

The first book is THE TRAITOR’S KISS, which begins with sage who doesn’t want to get married despite the unending efforts of her uncle and she decided to work as an apprentice with a matchmaker who was now on a journey to marry off young ladies for political alliance. This is how she meets Alex, oh the tension and the romance brewing with this two in the midst of a political uprising is just fascinating but she discovers that Alex really isn’t who she thought he was.

The second is THE TRAITOR’S RUIN, this book really slowed down a lot in the middle which pissed me off but it is definitely more intense and action packed than the first one, we actually go to war. It was a bit hard keeping up with a lot of characters in this book because of the influx of new characters but an intense high was where she ordered the execution of the person who supposedly killed Alex! It was so intense and I could hear drums in my ears.

I really can’t wait for the next book THE TRAITOR’S KINGDOM which I believe is the final book and the expected publication date is july 9, 2019!

Thanks for reading!

Authors’ Note…

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Goodreads|| Theeuphoriczat


As someone who reads all genres of fiction, romance is one that I can just kick back, relax and read. I usually read them because they help me out of reading slumps and put me back in the reading mode. A lot of the authors on this list are those whose books I recently read and I just cant seem to get them out of my mind.

As much as I love the romance in these stories I have to point out that these authors have done an amazing job with the way it is written, the well thought of characters, the depth to each character and the overall plot of the story (we love a good buildup to the steamy scenes).

These authors know how to write some steamy smutty scenes and have the most handsome characters that sure makes my heart beat.

So therefore, I will be listing 5 authors whose books I have read recently and I will be recommending one or two books that you can check out.


These are two different authors that have a lot of co-written book and I just have to say that they work well together, not to say that their Solo books aren’t good.




This is just a list of a few books don’t forget to search them out on goodreads to see other amazing books by these authors.


I am so happy I came across this author and her OFF-CAMPUS series which was the first book I real from her. Check out her off-campus series starting with THE DEAL



The first book of hers I read was HOOKING UP , which is still one of my favourite romance novels. It’s about this bride whose husband cheats on her at their wedding reception and she ends up throwing herself on the first hot-blooded male she encountered, which happens to be her husband’s Cousin… It’s just so good 😍😍😍



This author is one I found out about very recently and I mean three days ago but I managed to read four of the books in her THE ROYAL COLLECTION SERIES and I am currently on my fifth.

These books centers around the extremely rich in the society and how they attain love. Trust me, we get to go to London, we have a Duke involved. It’s just a lot and I can’t wait to lay my hands on her other books.

If you have any favourites, don’t hesitant to mention them in the comments.

If you want any of these books, leave your email in the comments 😀


5 Most Anticipated Book Releases of 2019

As a book lover, I am always trying to get my hands on new titles and 2019 seems to be the year of fantastic and amazing releases.

2018 brought a lot of debut authors and book releases from our favorite authors and it doesn’t seem to be slowly down in 2019. So therefore, here is a list of the most anticipated books of 2019.

1. CHAIN OF GOLD (Cassandra Clare)

chain of gold (goodreads)

Cassandra Clare who left us on a cliff after the release of her QUEEN OF AIR AND DARKNESS which was the final book in THE DARK ARTIFICES trilogy has decided to bless us again with a product of her genius mind by releasing the first book in her new trilogy THE LAST HOURS.

It picks up after THE INFERNAL DEVICES, which means we get to see bits of our favorite love triangle and if you don’t know what I am talking about then you need to go and read the Infernal devices.

This book takes us to Edwardian London to the children of Will and Tessa. I believe it will focus on James Herondale who falls in love with the beautiful and mysterious Grace Blackthorn who have just arrived in London along with the Carstairs. I can just tell this book will be a rollercoaster of emotions and I am ready to be hurt.
I sure can’t wait for this book to be released and the anticipated publication date is November 19, we definitely have a while to wait but I am sure it will be worth the wait. Shadowhunters are always worth the wait.


After the successful publication of her debut novel, THE CHILDREN OF BLOOD AND BONE, Tomi isn’t making us wait any longer for the second book in her LEGACY OF ORISHA series. This is a West African inspired book that took the world by storm, it is more than the Magic, love and romance, as it touched on more cultural subjects that we rarely see in YA fantasy. Everyone was raving about it and I haven’t seen anyone who didn’t like the book.

The book is based on a fiction infused Ilorin settlement in Nigeria and the journey the characters take in order to bring magic back to the land. This book would reflect the issues that arise after magic has been restored in the land and the consequences of the actions taken by Zelie and her friends. The first book was just so beautifully written that it is making me itch to lay my hands on the next book and the waiting isn’t going to be long as the expected publication date is March 5.

3. KING OF SCARS (Leigh Bardugo)

After I read the SIX OF CROWS duology, I have been itching to read the books in the grishaverse, I have been so side tracked but this year is the year to just binge read all of bardugo’s book. From all the bits I was able to gather, this book will focus on Nikolai and his journey to remove the terrible legacy within him.

Of course we will get magic, intrigue and the special bardugo touch. We don’t have to wait long because the expected publication date is January 29.

4. WAYWARD SON (Rainbow Rowell)

After indulging in CARRY ON and a huge cup of coffee, I couldn’t get enough of Simon and Baz and so did everyone else who read. We loved this two fictional characters and needed more of them. And more we are getting, with the announcement of WAYWARD SON which is a sequel.

The publication date is yet to be announced but we are sure it’s coming this year and we can wait for the magic and intrigue.

5. AGAIN BUT BETTER (Christine Riccio)

Surely, if you are a book lover then you probably watch booktube and maybe follow a few bookstagram accounts, this seems to be an advantage of the ‘social media age’. So when one of our booktubers publishes a book, we all want to support by reading it.

This book will be centered around a girl who is currently a college student, who seems to be living the triangle life of dorm, class and dining hall but them decides to spice up her life by going for a semester abroad but of course things spiral out of her control and we have to watch to see how she tries to prevent her life from falling apart. I definitely can’t wait to read this one. The expected publication date is May 7.

I hope you add these books to your Reading List, let me know in the comments what your Anticipated reads of 2019 are.

-Thanks for reading.

All pictures were saved from goodreads.


Can I meet it?

Do I need to do this?

Beauty is pain but what do I gain?

Fame? Success? Money? Love? No

I want to be slim, or rather I want to meet the STANDARD

I fear criticism

I want to be accepted

Living my youth in pain, just to be accepted

But am I? Accepted? No

After achieving one standard, there is another one

Never being good enough

Who is good enough? Not me

Perfection is made, achieved they say

But no one ever says how?

Tell me, because I have tried everything, but I guess not all

What other standard do I need to meet?

As there is always a new one

My generation is slowly moving on to the next

Why do I find myself maintaining the STANDARD OF THE PAST?

This is a poem I wrote a while back, when I was dealing with a lot of things, my weight, finance, losing my mom. It was just so much and quiting seemed the only option, but then a total stranger told me this while I was on a greyhound bus from Ohio to Chicago “the problem is, we all want to fit into other people’s standard”.

I took that to heart and every time I am having a difficult time, I ask myself “Am I trying to fit in or Am I doing this for myself?” And it has helped me so much in the past two years and I can honestly say I have grown.

Losing weight is not my goal, if I lose some weight, I am happy but it is not a goal that I have to achieve. Being happy is what I am trying to achieve, so if losing weight is something that would make you happy, then go for it. If gaining weight is it, go for it, if it is doing nothing for a day and just laying around go for it.

Today, do something that makes you happy. Let it be the start of something good.

Till next time, create your own fiction and make it real.