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3 Tips for writing poems

I have been writing poems and quotes for almost 3 years, I might be a struggling poet but I thought it would be entertaining to share a few tips I have for writing poems and creating quotes.

Until YOU come to the realization that giving up isn’t an option

YOU won’t be able to achieve anything

Azeezat Aminu

Get a pen and paper: This might seem silly or obvious but trust me, this is a really important step. There is something about writing down how you feel. non-poets are the ones who say, ‘I can’t really express how I am feeling’. A poet would express it as ‘inexpressible’. Sometimes i just take out my frustration on a piece of paper and that is my way of revenge.

Write it down: Write everything down, no matter how silly they are, every thought, every idea, everything that comes to your head just write it down. as much as it is from the soul, it can vanish like smoke. Non-scientifically speaking, “our hearts are made of bleeding flowers, at some point all the flowers will wilt”, same is the mind, in this confused world, beautiful words are lost in the confusion. WRITE IT DOWN

Importance of the World: A lot of people overlook the world, claiming it is controlled by a mighty being either in politics or in the heavens. I do believe there is a mighty GOD and he as created all things perfect and I write about the human nature and its willingness to destroy perfection even do they do all things trying to attain perfection in the eye of others (or is it jealousy). Anyways remember to read other poems, books, watch movies and do a lot of research. the most personal are the most beautiful (write what you know about).

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Hello and welcome!!

Netflix is really indulging me with my thirst for amazing dramas. I have been in a reading slump for a while and the only thing that cheers me up is watching dramas. I recently started using Viki and I really like it, the only thing is the adverts and I am not ready to pay the yearly subscription. I am too broke for that.


Pretty Man







Sierra Li

Dylan Xiong

Yu Yi Jie


28 episodes


A girl ends up in a fake marriage to a guy who she has been in love with forever. He also loves her but due to the misunderstanding her can’t tell her he loves her. Doomed by misunderstandings, two middle-school classmates miss their shot at love — but a twist of fate brings them together years later.


Let me start by saying that this drama pissed me off. I think I should point out that sixteen minutes into the first episode, I rolled my eyes so hard that my head hurt. Then sat through the main characters weirdly make out and end up naked in bed while it rained outside. The fact that he slept with her despite knowing that she was drunk out of her mind just didn’t make me trust him at all, I guess it was supposed to helplessness, it just didn’t feel that way to me.

Honestly, the storyline was good and to some extent very progressive and well written, I don’t know if it is the directing or the cast or the location, some things just didn’t work right and it made watching the drama terrible. When I finally got to episode 18, I took a long needed break from this drama and watched something else to motivate me to continue. And it was a great plan because when I continued watching the drama, it just got exponentially better and I was the the edge of my seat for the rest.

I really don’t want to spoil anything but her mother-in-law is an evil witch who was willing to do anything to protect her company, I am happy that she got what was coming to her.

For a drama that takes place in the span of 13 years, there was very little change and story development, other than the stepson becoming very rich and popular which is something that I have seen a lot of. I was just expecting a lot more, because now that I have watched a lot of really good Chinese dramas, I have quite a high expectation and this drama didn’t really meet a lot of them.

I think there are rumors about a season two but I have no expectations.

Little Spoiler

She got pregnant. This part was a major up point for the drama because it added a lot of favor to the bland story.


I gave this drama 7.3 out of 10 stars


Thanks for reading. Have you watched this drama? Did you enjoy it?

Recommending Books for Every Trope || Adult Romance

Hello and welcome!!!!

I have been reading a lot since I have been home all day for the past few weeks. Adult romance is always one genre that I really get drawn too and I have read quite a few in the past years that I have decided that some are worthy of you checking out. I decided to recommend adult romance books that I have ever read based on different tropes. As a fan-fiction writer, I live on tropes and there are some that I love so much more than the others. I watched a lot of videos and I asked a lot of bloggers what their best tropes are and which books fall in that category. So that this post don’t go for ages, I will try to recommend not more than 3 books per trope.

This is surely not an exhaustive list, so I will be glad if you can recommend me some books or even other tropes that I have no idea of. Without much ado, let’s get into it..

Age Gap

This has to be one of my best tropes, if done well, it can be really exciting and intense. But sometimes it might fall a bit flat and it is just plain creepy and I am screaming, arrest that child molester. For this post I will be recommending a few books that I feel are safely intense and smutty that fall in this category.

  1. Savior by Fiona Cole: This one I read recently and I absolutely loved. In a nutshell, it’s about this get Alexandra (19) who is really have a difficult life and decides to sell her virginity online, which is how she meets Erik (30 something) who has this secret organisation that saves women from being forced into sex slavery.
  2. Scandalous by L.J. Shen: You might be able to tell by now that I love Shen books and have binged a lot of her books, the sinner of saints series remains my favorite. So in this book we follow single dad Trent (33) who falls for his enemy’s daughter (18). This was just a ride, although I understand people who claim that the book is a bit creepy because he kept calling her a teen even do he wanted to have sex with her (hmm).
  3. All Grown Up by Vi Keeland: It’s very rare to find age gap books where the lady is older. Although, she might be older but I can’t really say that she is experienced. Valentina (37) after being divorced for a bit over a year decides to go online to find love but when the first date reveals a hot hunk that turns out to be the young boy next door to her family summer house, Ford (25). This is my best on this list, you need to check it out.

Enemies to Lovers

  1. Captive Prince by C.S. Pacat : This book is the first book in the captive prince series and I absolutely loved it. I am not blind to all the faults that this book comes with but I am saying that regardless I loved this book. It is ridiculously slow burn, the first book in the series didn’t have any romance in it but you can definitely fell the tension. Here we follow Damen who is a hero and a prince that is stripped of his titled and sent to be a slave to a prince of the enemy country. He is used maltreated, belittled, flogged and shamed. At one point, I knew I was a sick pervert for enjoying the book so much. Anyways he falls in love with his master prince Laurent and we follow their relationship through out the series. I read this book a few years ago and once in a while I think about it.
  2. Top Secret by Sabrina Bowen & Elle Kennedy : Kaeton’s girlfriend wants a threesome for her birthday, he trying to be the best boyfriend ever, decides to indulge her. So he goes online where he meets Luke (but he doesn’t know that it is Luke, because is a member of the same frat). They are both vying for the same position and they hate each other. But as they get to know each other better online, you can feel the sparks flying between them. I really like the banter between the two of them.
  3. Perfection by R.L. Mathewson: I think 2 years ago, I binged the whole 10 books in the series and I really loved the fast paced stories and the quick witted writing style. This is the 2nd book in the Neighbor from hell series. As the tile of the series suggest, Trevor and Zoe are neighbor that just can’t stand each other but when Trevor realizes that Zoe’s frumpy behind is the only thing on his mind, he decides to take a chance with her.

Famous and Normal

  1. Until it Fades by K.A. Tucker: This is one I read recently and absolutely loved. Catherine is a struggle single mother who saves a hockey legend from a burning car. This is one of the best adult romances I have read in a while
  2. Dark Lover by J.R. Ward: I added this one because it is about the king of vampires and the daughter of his friend. I couldn’t help but add this book, I know its a bit different from the other books that usually fall in this category but my justification is that Wrath is the popular only pure breed left in the vampire world.
  3. Lick by Kylie Scott: She a college student who finds herself married to a rock legend in Vegas. This one is so sweet and fast paced, it’s just pure sex.

Forbidden Romance

This trope usually implement elements from other tropes and sometimes I read these books by accident. I don’t always know how to feel about the books but I will let you decide on your own. This trope usually is a fuse of forbidden/ abusive romance

  1. The Initiation by Nikki Sloane: I read this a few days ago and I am still not over how strange and forbidden the whole book is. It is the first book in a series and we follow Marist who basically sold herself into marriage in order to protect her bankrupt family. She is to marry into the Hale family but she has to go through the initiation and be accepted by the board of directors. Gosh, I can’t believe I am about to say this but *they all had to lick her*. Honestly just read it and you will understand.
  2. After by Anna Todd: Okay, hear me out. When she was uploading this book on Watt-pad, I really loved it, at least for a watt-pad book. It was well written and a bit well thought out. Each book had about 100 chapters and it was so binge worthy. We follow Tessa who is a freshman in college, she meets Hardin and they get into this sort of abusive relationship. I don’t know how to describe this book without giving its whole plot away.

Teacher and Student

Books with this trope can really thread the line and I am usually biased when developing my opinion about these books but there are just some that are just so good. This trope is usually in conjunction with the age gap trope that I really love.

  1. Defy by L.J. Shen: Yes, another Shen recommendation. In this case the teacher is female. It’s rare to get to see female teachers in this trope. In this book we follow Melody and Jaime story from the Sinners of Saint series. This book is just so sweet.
  2. xo, Zach by Kendall Ryan: This starts with fake dating until they realize that she is his new student and he is her Master’s degree adviser. This book was just so much fun to read especially Zach’s relationship with Poppy’s son.

Bad Boy/ Good Girl

If you have any good recommendations for this trope, please let me know. I am also looking for books with the good boy, bad girl trope. I rarely see that. I am going to try not to add L.J. Shen books to this trope list because most of her books have this trope and she writes them really well. So check them out if you are interested.

  1. Bad Saint by Monica James: This book was so freaking long. It starts out with Willow being kidnapped on a ship while on her Honeymoon. Her Captor is Saint and he works for the person who is going to be buying her. As you can expect on their way to her Buyer, they develop some weird relationship. Classic case of Stockholm syndrome.
  2. ‘Til Death: Volume one by Bella Jewel: This is one that I read a long time ago that I can barely remember anything that happened in this book. I do remember that there was lies, betrayal and much more. Marcus and Katia got married but all she thought was a lie, he was using her just to get the inheritance his father left. The build up of this story is just amazing.


I hope you find a trope that you like. If you want me to make more recommendations for more tropes, then don’t forget to leave it in the comments.

Thanks for reading

Reading Recommended Books #1

Hello and welcome!!!!!!

In my pursuit to read more books and explore new genres and read books with tropes that I normally would not gravitate towards. I decided to read books that youtubers that I love have recommended. So with that in mind I decided to read 3 to 4 books recommended by Laura from LovelyLikeLauren. After watching a few of her videos, four books stood out to me as books that she highly recommended especially from the Adult romance genre which is one that I love to read.

This would be the start of a new series that I will be running on my blog, basically all I will be trying to do, is read books that have been recommended by different book bloggers or booktuber. A major thing I am trying to do, is read from different genres. Hopefully I will finally be able to read thriller that is recommended. I will just be listing the books, most of which I have reviewed in my earlier post and linking my goodreads, you can follow me there

Some of these books were a little different and a lot out of my comfort zone but that why I am doing this challenge, to explore a lot my genre, than I usually do. I hope you check them out.

Without much ado, let’s get it….

Lick(Dive Stage #1) by Kylie Scott

Until it Fades by K.A. Tucker

Stepbrother Dearest by Penelope Ward

Voyeur and Savior by Fiona Cole

Thanks for reading

BINGE||Season 1 Episode 3 (Actor Edition)


Welcome to another episode of binge. It is a collection of all the dramas I have watched over time from a specific actor. Its been a while since the last binge episode but I am so happy that I am back to writing it. I takes a lot of time to watch newer works and I had to take time to digest it before rating it.

Here are the links to the last 2 episodes of Binge : Ep 1 & Ep 2

For this episode we will be checking out an actor that I love so much, and honestly he makes me cry so hard in every drama, he is just so good at bringing all my emotions to the surface (and basically I just cry ugly tears)


I am not even going to address how hot I think he is, you can obviously tell. He began his career back in 2005 and has slowly risen to the spotlight. The first time I watched him in a drama was in the 2010 drama ‘Secret Garden’ where he played a supporting actor, he left an impact, then I watch ‘School 2013’ and I was blown away by his acting (don’t get me wrong, a lot of Korean actors have their sh*t in order) but he is just exceptional. An understatement would be that he can act well in any role he is cast in.



Compared to all the dramas he has been in, he has been in very few movies. I tried to watch all the movies he has been cast in but I don’t think I watched them all. So I will be talking about the ones I have watched in the order of their release dates.

As One

A 2012 film set during the 1991 World Table Tennis Championship in Japan, the North and South Korean form a unified team. Jong-suk plays a north Korean tennis player Kyung-Sub who falls in love with a south Korean tennis player Yeon-jung. I really loved his acting in this film and he really represent the characters rage and switch of emotions well.

No Breathing

2013 film following the life of two swimmers. He plays Woo-young a national swimming star who has always been overshadowed by his friend. He gets into trouble and as to enroll in school and start from the ground up, which is when he meets his old friend again (played by Seo In-guk). They both fall in love with the Coach’s daughter as they practice for the upcoming swimming championships. We follow their story of love, friendship and acceptance. Jong-suk and In-guk displayed fantastic acting and it was an avalanche of emotions.

Hot Young Bloods

If I could pick without bias, this has to be one of his best films. A 2014 teen romantic comedy set in the early 1980. Jong-suk plays Joong-gil, the playboy Casanova who can get any girl he wants but he never tries to get Young-sook (play by Park Bo-young) because he views her as the girlfriend of the leader of the rival high school gang. She is secretly in love with him and when everyone finds out it leads to outflow of pure comedic gang war and romance. This was just so funny, the time it was set in really made the atmosphere of the movie special. He is such a good comedic actor, he has the facial expressions and voice tone that it makes it all the more hilarious. I highly recommend this drama.


Although this film received mixed reviews, mostly about violence to women. It’s a fine line but one have to remember that this is a crime-thriller movie following a north-Korean serial killer who is being hunted by Interpol and the North and South Korean Officers around the world. Jong-suk plays the serial killer and gosh you should see his eyes and his freaking smirk. Gosh!!!!!!!!!!. I should say that I love mystery and thriller, they are my cup of coco.



This is the part where I am a specialist because I have watched all the dramas that he has been cast in. So I will go about review them briefly in the order I watched them. Although I have watched all of them, I will just be reviewing the ones that let a huge impact. Majorly dramas that he played the main characters, for example I will not be talking about Secret Garden, Prosecutor princess and the others in which he was a supporting actor.

I Can Hear You Voice

This is a 2013 drama that is so popular and it is one of the dramas that really thrusted him into the spotlight. He was paired with Lee Bo-young and they were absolutely perfect together. He plays a high school student who as a result of a traumatic childhood can hear people’s thoughts by looking into their eyes.

This is one of my favorite fantasy themed Korean dramas and it contains the age gap trope that I really enjoy, he falls in love with a lawyer who is years older than him. He acted alongside Lee Bo-young who is well known for her passionate acting. They made a fantastic pair.

Doctor Stranger

You don’t want to know how many times I have watched this 2014 drama, I absolutely loved it. I have a thing for medical dramas and this is no different. I have watched too many medical drama and a lot of them tend to forget the drama part of it and just focus on the medical part but this one had the perfect balance and I just love it so much. The cast did all the work, although the story was so well written and the characters well developed. I can rave on and on about my love for this drama but lets not forget that Jong-suk basically carried this drama on his shoulders. He was just perfect for the role, his ability to show adverse emotions is just exceptional.

In this drama we follow a boy and his father (who is a doctor) who were tricked into going to North Korea. Years later the boy grows into an amazing doctor who is fighting for his life as he escaped to the South while searching for his lost love.


This is definitely one of my favorite dramas of all time. The cast was just so perfect and it really made me love it. That’s not to say that the script wasn’t amazing, because it was fantastic. This is a 2014 drama that really hit my heart.

It focuses on a guy (which was played by Jong-suk) whose family was destroyed as a result of false news, years later he decides to become a reporter which is when he finds out the real truth behind the tragedy that befell his family. But as you can probably expect, there is a love story thrown in here, he is paired with Park Shin-hye who has Pinocchio syndrome (she cannot lie, or rather if she lies, she hiccups)

WTwo Worlds

This drama is another favorite of mine, although it might not make it to my top ten list but it is one that I would really recommend. This drama really set the trend for dramas about comic books, if you are interested you can check out my review of extraordinary you, which is a drama that I really enjoyed too. In this drama he is paired with the talented Han Hyo-Joo (check out my post on Queens of KDrama) who is really hilarious and was really fantastic in this drama.

We follow a webtoon character Kang Chul who is very popular in his world but of course he doesn’t know he is the main character in a webtoon until one day he is saved by a mysterious woman. This woman happens to be Yeon-Joo who is the daughter of the webtoon writer and illustrator.

This drama is just dramatic genius, the story and plot so well structured, the locations fit so well, the characters really sat well into their roles. Jong-suk was really the one person that could have played this character. There was a particular scene that broke my heart and once in a while it pops up in my head and I can’t help but tear up a little.

While You Were Sleeping

This is a 2017 drama, that was really hyped but I just didn’t feel it that much. Okay lets be honest about this drama, I didn’t like the story, I didn’t like the cast combination, something was just off with this drama but I can’t overlook his amazing acting in this drama. It made it bearable, he was able to breathe life into his character and that gave the drama a whole new weight.

In this drama he is paired with Bae Suzy (okay what I am about to say might come of as insensitive but it is just my opinion; I don’t really feel her acting at all in this specific drama, it came off a little bland for me) who can see the future in her dreams and it happens that anyone that she saves as a result of her precognition will also develop the same ability, which is how Jong-suk develops the ability and the two of them try to solve crimes and save people.

Romance is a Bonus Book

This his is most recent work, although not my favorite but it still deserves to be on this list. This is a 2019 drama where he plays a writer who also works as an editor at a publishing firm. He is paired with Lee Na-young and although I don’t think I have watched any of her other works seem to be a good fit for the role she plays in this drama. I just felt that they really didn’t have the chemistry that would have made this drama memorable.

So a bit of context, this drama follows the life of a woman Kang Dan-i, who is at the edge of her life, unable to get a job, sending all her money to her daughter who is at school abroad and her husband who cheated on her with another woman. Then we have Cha Eun-ho who is a very popular writer, professor and editor at one of the leading publishing companies in the country. Eun-ho and Dan-i have known each other for a long time and he is in love with her, he is unable to form any lasting emotional attachment because of the love he feels for her. The situation she is in leads them to living together and I guess you can probably picture how that would go.

Like I said, this is not his best work in my opinion.

Hymn of Death

This one I watched recently and I really enjoyed, honestly I enjoyed it more than I was expecting to. This historical drama follows the life of soprano singer Yun Sim-deok and playwriter Kim U-jin. In the start of this 6 episodes drama we follow them as they study in Japan. They plan to perform in Joseon when they get back home. He acted alongside Shin Hye-sun who was fantastic in this drama.

As of now, Jong-suk is currently in the military and is expected to be out in 2021 and I cannot wait for his upcoming works. I really miss him so much (holding in my tears).

Thanks for reading. Are you familiar with his works?


Hello and welcome!!!!

I have to say that I enjoyed this drama more than I was expecting to. There is this trend of Korean dramas about artificial intelligence and robots and I am a sucker for those types of dramas and this is one is no different. If you are looking for a drama that was wrapped up nicely with no loose ends then this is the drama for you.


My Holo Love







Yoon Hyun-min

Ko Sung-hee

Choi Yeo-jin


12 episodes


Han So-yeon has been living with prosopagnosia for most of her life and that as led her to live a intensely introverted life but this changes when she finds Holo, an Artificial Intelligence in the form of a Hologram which she can only see when she is wearing a specific glasses.


As you can tell from the number of episodes, this drama was short but it was long enough to display a perfect foundation and quick conclusion. The synopsis is a perfect description of the drama, this drama does not really have a lot of things going on, there are few important characters and the story is really purpose driven and character focused. we get a little back story, and of course, a little trauma and a crazy rich guy thing he can own the world.

When the Holo glasses lands in the hands of So-yeon she has no idea the danger she is in. But soon trouble is brought to her door when the Holo developer Ko Nan-do moves in nextdoor in other to monitor and to protect her. He is also there to find out why Holo keeps doing things that are out of his programming.

We get the amazing revelation that Holo is in love with So-yeon but the surprise doesnt end there, after Nan-do saved her from a car wreck she suddenly could see his face (but only his) and she also falls in love with him. To push the iceberg back in the water, Nan-do also falls in love with her.

Honestly you need to watch this drama. This drama is really short but it has all the element of a full length korean drama.

Little Spoiler

They got married and no, I don’t mean the main characters.


I gave this drama 8.7 out of 10 stars


Thanks for reading. Have you watched this drama? Did you enjoy it


Hello and welcome!!!

I have probably been talking about this drama for so long, but I recently finished watching the two seasons and I am raging about the ending. I am so confused and I am anticipating the 3rd season with all I have. I will be reviewing both season 1 and 2 together as each season has about 6 episodes (honestly each episode is so well produced and written that I can’t complain with the number of episodes per season). I do not think that this drama is overhyped, but just hyped enough. I can’t specifically say its the best Korean drama that I have watched but it is definitely one with one of the best plot, story line and cinematography. The gruesome visuals, strong characters, intense scenes, gore, terror and political intrigue makes the drama a must watch for everyone addicted to horror and intrigue. The fact that it was set in the Joseon era definitely adds to the mystic of the disease and the overall zombie apocalyptic nature of the drama.











Ju Ji-hoon

Bae Doo-na

Kim Sang-ho

Kim Sung-kyu


12 episodes (2 seasons)


The King of Joseon as been raised from the dead and he serves as patient zero for the rest of the nation. As his disease spreads across the land, the crown prince goes to fight off the new enemy in other to save his people


Knowing the premise of the drama, I will go straight into the intense story building and the cinematic scenes. This drama starts out like a lot of korean drama set during this era, we see the royal court split with the right trying to gain more power (This is almost in every traditional korean drama), we follow the crown prince as he tries to set their greed down and bring prosperity to the kingdom. One thing remains a msytery, his father, the king is sick and he is not allowed to visit him. Rumors outside the palace is that the king is dead.

Unknown to a lot of people including the prince, the king as been turned into a zombie as the chancellor tried to bring the king back from the dead. the use of the so called resurrection plant led to the change in the king. The physician who treated the king, had to take his assistant body back to the poor clinic he works at after the king ate him (a few chucks, not the whole body).

Now to the clinic, honestly I can’t really call it a clinic because a lot of people seemed to be going to the place to die as the government was not providing food and medicine for the people to be treated. So asshole of a guy decides that eating human flesh would be better than starving to death. He then cooks up the body of the assistant that was eaten by the king. When the patients ate it, in minutes they all turned into zombies.

This was how the whole epidemic started.

When the crown prince got to the clinic to look for the physician, he was met with a danger he couldn’t understand. He and his bodyguard find a nurse who worked closely with the physician to stay safe and protect the others while trying to find a cure.

Honestly I am trying really hard not to say too much about this drama because you just need to watch it. I have watched a lot of zombie movies but setting of the drama, the blood, the era, the shots, the set lighting, the creepy foreshadowing songs, just makes for a creepy Visual and auditory package.

The ending of season 2 seemed like a conclusive ending but we are left with a lot of questions and I am hoping that the 3rd season is released soon.

Little Spoiler

She is not pregnant.


I gave this drama 9.3 out of 10 stars


Thanks for reading


Hello and welcome!!!!!!

At this point, I have watched enough dramas from different eras in the Korean history. I will be trying to mention a few dramas based on the time they were set in and significant factors about that era that was displayed in the drama. Most of these dramas are probably ones that you have never heard of before but I am happy to introduce them to you. I won’t be going too deep into each drama but I will try to include a brief synopsis for each drama in hopes that you will check them out.

Honestly I have a lot of people who are new to traditional Korean dramas (Sageuks) tell me how confusing it is to watch two Korean dramas and have no idea of the history behind it. I had the same confusion when I started watching Korean dramas because I immediately jumped into watching dramas from the Goguryeo Era.

As I am not a history guru, I will be trying my best. I will be sticking to dramas that I have actually watched that I find interesting for the specific time period, if you think there are some dramas that should be included but isn’t, that is why. Let’s get into it.

The Three Kingdoms of Korea

Baekje, Silla and Goguryeo were the main kingdoms of Korea and they were roughly between 57 BC to 668 AD. Although this seem to be the most remembered and referenced kingdoms in a lot of dramas, there were other smaller states like Okjeo and Buyeo which were mentioned in Jumong.

Jumong: In this drama we follow the life of Jumong the founder of the Goguryeo dynasty. This is still one of my favorite Korean drama of all time

The Kingdom of the Winds: This is set in early Goguryeo and it serves as a loose sequel to Jumong. We follow the life of King Yuri (2nd king of Goguryeo) and prince Mu-hyul (3rd king of Goguryeo).

Queen Seondeok: This is one of the most prominent drama set in the kingdom of Silla. It follows the life of Queen Seondeok who became the first female king in Silla as a result of the bone-rank system of Silla, only Sacred-bone could be a king in Silla.

Hwarang: As a result of the location of Silla in the peninsula they were exposed to a lot of influence from all over the world and you would notice that in this drama. This follows a group of male warrior scholars called Flower Knights, who learnt arts and martial arts and were supposedly beautiful. I really like this drama.

Gye-Baek: The kingdom of Baekje is actually one of the least represented era in the Korean dramas and this drama is actually the only one I have watched from that era. Here we follow general Gye-Baek as he protects the state of Baekje from Silla’s invasion.

As I have not watched any drama set in the Unified Silla or Balhae, I will be leaving that out of this list

Goryeo Dynasty

Goryeo dynasty stretched from 918 AD to 1392 AD and a lot of Korean dramas were set in this time period. After the failure of Unified Silla, Goryeo unified the three kingdoms and it was during this time that we see the rise of civil service exams.

Empress Ki: This is one of my favorite drama set during this time period. Although the most part of this drama didn’t take place in Goryeo, we follow the life of a young low class woman who was sent as a tribute to Yuan Empire and how she later became the Empress. Very fascinating story telling and the drama is long enough that the story really builds up.

Faith: Unlike others on this list, this is a clash drama where we have a taste of Goryeo and the present Korea. Set during the King Gongmin of Goryeo after his marriage to a Yuan princess who was attacked on their way back to Goryeo. His royal guards goes 700 years into the future to bring back a plastic surgeon from Seoul. Its been a long time since I watched this drama but I really enjoyed.

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo: A clash drama, we follow the life of a young heart broken lady who woke up in the body of Hae soo who is caught in a love triangle with two princes, one being Prince Wang so who became the 4th king of Goryeo.

The next two dramas took place during the transition period from Goryeo to Joseon and we see the strive and blood shed that laid the foundation for the new country.

My Country: The New Age: Here we follow two friends who become enemies as they try to protect the ones they love they way they can using any means necessary.

Six Flying Dragon: I watched this pretty recently and I realized that there are a lot of things in dramas set in the Joseon era that I just accepted without fully understanding. Watching this drama really opened my eyes to a lot of things. For example in this drama we get to see the thrive that resulted in the foundation of the Joseon Dynasty and the people that contributed to the foundations. (This drama like the one above, spans the end of the Goryeo era and the start of the Joseon era)

Joseon Dynasty

I can not list all the dramas set in this time period as it is one of the most famous eras with strong foundations, customs and belief and it gave way to the Korea that we know today. Although a lot of Korean literature, science and much more have its roots in this era, the most important invention as to be the Korean Alphabet, Hangul by Sejong the Great. If I might say so, is the easiest language to learn. Joseon Dynasty stretched from 1392 to 1892 when it was replaced by the Korean empire.

Deep Rooted Tree: Set during the time of Sejong the great (the 4th king of Joseon), we follow a royal guard who was investigating a series of death. This drama serves as a loose sequel to six flying dragons as we see a lot of references from the earlier drama.

Dong Yi: Here we follow the love story between King Sukjong (the 19th king of Joseon) and Choi Suk Bin who later became Noble consort of the king. This drama is a favorite for a lot of people as it has a blend of real and fictional characters and there was a extensive representation of the prosperity in that era.

Sungkyunkwan Scandal: During the time when females were not allowed to take civil service exams and study at the highest institution during the Joseon era, a lady from a poor noble family pretends to be her brother and takes the exam. This drama is just funny.

Dae Jang Geum: This list would be incomplete without this drama. We follow the life of a young apprentice cook Jang-geum who rose to the position of the first female royal physician of the Joseon Dynasty. This was particularly impressive as this was a time when women had no specific influence in society. In this drama we learn a lot about Korean cuisine and the health benefits they hold. (Eat your Vegetables!)

A few other dramas set in this era include:

Moonlight Drawn by Clouds

Moon that Embraces the Sun

Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People


Queen for Seven Days

Ruler: Master of the Mask

Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung

Japanese Occupation

Dramas under this category are also called period dramas even though they might not give off the usual Sageuk vibes. There is the introduction of western dressing, more foreigners, electricity, typewriters, steamships, streetcars and much more.

Mr. Sunshine: This is a widely popular drama set during this time period. This drama is set in Hanseong which is the former name of Seoul (Late Joseon era) and it follows patriotic citizens has they fight for freedom and liberty. We follow a young boy who escapes to America during the 1871 Korean expedition (or popularly known as Shinmiyangyo) who has just returned to Joseon. He crosses path with a female freedom fighter and they fall in love.

Bridal Mask: Set in Seoul during the 1930s Japanese colonial rule, we follow a Korean who works for the Japanese police but two times as the bridal masks who fights for the the independence of Korea. (I really loved this drama)

Age of Feeling: Also known as Inspiring generation, although I personally didn’t enjoy this drama but I feel that it showcased a lot of things about this era and how it was impacted by the past and location. We follow the relationship between three friends as they travel between Korea, China and Japan.

Korean War

Unfortunately I have not watched any drama set during this time, although I have watched a number of war movies that shed light to real life events and I will list them below

The Long Way Home: This is an action comedic film about the friendship between a South Korean and North Korean solider during the Korean war. This was just so hilarious.

Northern Limit Line: This is based on the second battle of Yeonpyeong that took place in 2002 during the world cup. It is one of the most heart wrenching films I have ever watched and I honestly cried half the time I was watching it.


Thanks for reading


Hello and welcome!!!

As always, my monthly TBR post is late again, but better late than never. I have a very ambitious TBR for the month of April, its almost ridiculous. I am planning on reading a minimum of 10 books this month, hopefully which is about more than I have read in the past months. I am hoping that I get to read them this month, most of them are books that I carried over from the past year and a few are new releases that I can’t wait to sink into.

Aurora Rising by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff : This is one of the books that I have on my 2020 TBR, in hopes that I will get into reading Sci-fi more

Yes No Maybe So by Becky Albertalli & Aisha Saeed : I have read a few books by Becky and I really enjoyed them, I can’t wait to read this book, I have heard only great things about it.

My Dark Vanessa by Kate Elizabeth Russell : This is supposed to be about a lady who is reflecting and being confronted by her past. She was sexually assaulted by her teacher, although for a long time she thought she was in love with him. I can’t wait to read this one, the synopsis sort of assures me that this will be one of those unforgettable books.

Imagine Me by Taherah Mafi : The long awaited finale to the shatter me series, honestly Mafi lost me along the way. I am hopeful that this book will have the redemption that would save the whole series.

The Honey-Don’t List by Christina Lauren: At this point I will read any book that this fantastic writing duo put out.

The Initiation by Nikki Sloane : I want to try out a new series and this seems the best fit.

A Heart So Fierce And Broken by Brigid Kemmerer: When I read the first book, I enjoyed it but I wasn’t sure if I was interested in reading the second book but now its here and I have decided to give it a chance.

Children of Virtue and Vengeance by Tomi Adeyemi : This is so another sequel that I have been itching to read but never got around to.

The Diviners by Libba Bray : I have read far enough into this book that I am really loving it but I just can’t disappear into the world. I am really struggling which is why I keep putting it off.

House of Earth and Blood by Sarah J. Maas :This was on my maybe TBR last month and I am finally giving in and reading it this month.

I also plan on reading a few other short and sweet adult romance in between them to prevent reading slumps.

Thanks for reading.

Books I Read Recently #13

Hello and welcome!!!!

It’s a new month and over the past month I have read quite a number of books and I can’t wait to introduce you to them. With the state of the world, reading has been my solace and it has been keeping me sane. I hope you are doing things to keep your mind busy. Stay safe guys. Let’s get into it.

Chain of Gold by Cassandra Clare


Since I still plan on doing a full review of this book, I will just tell you briefly about it. This book is set in Edwardian London and it follows the children of Will and Tessa from The Infernal Devices, James and Lucie Herondale. The book really kick off with the arrival of Cordelia Carstairs and her family in London, where they have decided to set roots while her father is on trial. We find out about her feelings for James but James doesn’t feel the same as he is in love with the mysterious Grace Blackthorn. I am not forgetting the whispering room anytime soon and I don’t know what I am going to do with myself until I read the next book.


I gave this book 5 out of 5 stars

Voyeur & Savior by Fiona cole


These are the 1st and 3rd books in the Voyeur series which I read during Lock-down-a-thon, check them out. In Voyeur, we follow Oaklyn who decides to work at a Voyeuristic sex club because her parents spent her tuition on a car (this part of the book pissed me off), this is where she meets Callum who turns out to be her Lecturer. In Savior, we follow Alexandra who decides to sell her virginity online because she is in desperate need of money but fortunately for her she is saved by a rich hunk.


I gave each book 3.8 out of 5 stars

Until it Fades by K.A. Tucker


This one I really enjoyed, and it makes me want to pick up more of K.A. Tucker books. I really loved the writing style and the story progression, although I could have done without the first ten chapters, they made me so bored and tired. We follow 24 year old Catherine who is the struggling mother of a 5 year old (side note, she was taken advantage of by her highschool teacher) who saves Brett Madden a popular Hockey player who aslo is the son of a popular veteran actress. This is a really slow, slow burn book (it wasn’t smutty). It was just beautiful to read.


I gave this 4.7 out of 5 stars

Lick by Kylie Scott


I live for books with rock star vibes and this was one that didn’t let me down. Evelyn wakes up in bed with a complete stranger in Vegas after a night celebrating her 21st birthday. The only evidence of what went down the night before is the pounding headache and the diamond on her finger. The only one who can remember what happened was David who is an extremely popular band member. Soon the media is at her doorstep and the calm life she knew is forgotten and they decides to give the relationship a chance and as you can guess (sex, sex, sex). The is book is just straight sex. One thing I really like about this book is the fact we just get straight into their relationship.


I gave this book 3.7 out of 5 stars

Undercover Bromance by Lyssa Kay Adams


I have to point out that I really enjoyed the first book better. Here we follow characters that we saw in the first book Liv and Braden. When Liv finds out that her asshole of a boss is sexually harassing her coworker, she gets fired and as to seek the help of the bromance book club to get back at him. Braden also gets to come out of his shell formed by his past and express his love for Liv.


I gave this book 3.9 out of 5 stars

Stepbrother Dearest by Penelope Ward


Elec moves in with his father who had just remarried, that when he meets his new stepsister Gretha, they have a night of insane sex and seven years later they meet again at his father’s funeral and he is with his girlfriend. I really enjoyed this book a lot more than I was expecting


I gave this book 3.2 out of 5 stars

Thanks for reading.