Hello and welcome!


Today I will be listing a few iconic KPOP songs(part 1). You would probably have heard these songs if you are into kpop and if you aren’t, well it’s never too late to partake in this journey.

Let’s get it…

  1. Bad Girl, Good Girl by Miss A
  2. Fantastic Baby by Big Bang
  3. Bubble Pop by HyunA
  4. Gee by Girl’s Generation
  5. Lucifer by SHINEE
  6. Sorry, Sorry by Super Junior
  7. Eyes, Nose, lips by Taeyang
  8. Tell Me by Wonder Girls
  9. Nobody by Wonder Girls
  10. I Got A Boy by Girl’s Generation
  11. Eat You Up by BoA
  12. I Am The Best by 2NE1
  13. Mirotic by TVXQ
  14. Whatta Man by I.O.I
  15. Something by Girl’s Day


This will be posting the part 2 next week. I just realized that I have a lot more songs that I would like to share.


Thanks for reading.

Have you heard any of these songs?

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