BINGE||Season 1 Episode 3 (Actor Edition)

Hello!!! Welcome to another episode of binge. It is a collection of all the dramas I have watched over time from a specific actor. Its been a while since the last binge episode but I am so happy that I am back to writing it. I takes a lot of time to watch newer worksContinue reading “BINGE||Season 1 Episode 3 (Actor Edition)”


Hello and welcome! . I just found out about this jem of a drama and I am so angry that I didn’t hear anything about this drama. Title Goodbye to Goodbye Genre Romance Melodrama Year 2018 Cast Chae Shi Ra Jo Bo Ah Jun (U-KISS) Lee Sung Jae Episodes 40 episodes Synopsis About two womenContinue reading “KDRAMA REVIEW||GOODBYE TO GOODBYE”

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