Hello and welcome!!! After binge watching all 50 episodes in 4 days straight, I am not over how much power this drama holds. From the characters to the story line, everything is just so beautifully written and structured. Although it was 50 episodes long, it wasn’t slow paced, the story went by so fast thatContinue reading “KDRAMA REVIEW|| SIX FLYING DRAGON”


Hello and welcome!!!!! I can’t believe how fast this month as gone, especially with all the issues going on right now in the world. I was able to read a lot more and watch a lot more movies and dramas and I have a few that I really loved. I did quite a lot ofContinue reading “MARCH WRAP-UP”


Hello and welcome to another day in lock-down!!!! I have been making my way slowly through all the books that I have been recommended so far. I just finished reading Until it Fades by K.A. Tucker and I really loved it. This was a 5 star read for me. I do have to say thatContinue reading “LOCK-DOWN-A-THON #3”


Hello and welcome!!! This post is more a response to a lot of questions I have got regarding where to watch Korean dramas and which Korean dramas I really recommend. Usually I watch most of my dramas on Netflix but I also watch dramas on Kissasian and on Dramacool which are websites that are actuallyContinue reading “5 ASIAN DRAMAS ON NETFLIX #1”


Hello and welcome!!! The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom have finally ordered that we should all stay indoors and only go out for necessities, those working in essential services and those who don’t obey will be arrested and fined. My research has been postponed, so I am just hoping things turn out fine. Meanwhile,Continue reading “LOCK-DOWN-A-THON #2”


Hello and welcome! This drama finally came to an end after fast paced episodes, I was a sobbing mess and I can’t just get used to the fact that this drama has ended. Immediately I finished this drama, I watched it again just because I wasn’t ready to let it go. This drama is anContinue reading “KDRAMA REVIEW||ITAEWON CLASS”


Hello and welcome to another drama review! This was one of my most anticipated dramas of 2020. after watching season 1 back in 2018, I hoped that we would have more from the hospital, honestly I am still hoping that there will be a season where they would be in the trauma center and weContinue reading “KDRAMA REVIEW|| DR. ROMANTIC 2”


Hello!!! Welcome to another Kdrama review on my blog. I am so excited to review this drama, it’s been a bit since I review a drama here on my blog. You dont want to know how happy i was when i found out that this drama was going to be updated weekly on Netflix. SoContinue reading “KDRAMA REVIEW||CRASH LANDING ON YOU”

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