Hello and welcome! . Young Adult contemporary is definitely one of my favourite genre to read. It’s usually easy and fun to read. So today I will be listing 10 of my favourite YA contemporaries of all time. Since I recently in the past year just started reading YA most of these books are newContinue reading “TOP 10 YA CONTEMPORARIES OF ALL TIME”

Books I have read recently #2 (series edition)

Hello and welcome! Today I will be talking about the book series I recently read i.e some I started and some I completed The Lux by Jennifer L. Armentrout When I started watching booktube a few years ago, this was one of the more popular book series they would talk about. So I finally pickedContinue reading “Books I have read recently #2 (series edition)”

Books I have read recently #1

Hello!Welcome!I decided to start this type of review, since I always read about 30 to 40 books a month, which makes monthly reviews a pain to do.So every few days or weeks I will be doing a “books I have read recently” review. Josh and Hazel’s Guide to Not Dating by Christina Lauren I haveContinue reading “Books I have read recently #1”

5 books you need to add to your TBR

Hello!!! Welcome!! With a lot of books being released and a lot more nearing publication date, my TBR pile is almost as high as Everest and I can’t wait to begin demolishing it. But today I will be listing 5 books that I have read and you need to read now or anticipate their publication!Continue reading “5 books you need to add to your TBR”

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