How I read 300 books in 2019

Hello and welcome! .Today I will be telling you how I read about 300 books in 2019.This was quite easy for me and yes, I am a student, I work part time, I love watching movies, dramas and I have a life even though it’s a boring one.So yes, I don’t just sit in aContinue reading “How I read 300 books in 2019”


Hello and welcome! . This is the perfect tag to see if I will be getting any bookish gifts from Santa. This tag was created by Jenn from Jenniely! And I was tagged by The Bookish Hedgemom Rules Tag and link the person who tagged you (because they probably want to drop by for aContinue reading “THE BOOKISH NAUGHTY OR NICE TAG”

Steamy Books To Keep You Warm

Hello and welcome . So for this cold December, steamy books are necessary, so for this I will be lisiting a few steamy books I read this year. I will be including how I rated them. I would call this the steamy ratings of the books. Reviews to the books will be linked somewhere inContinue reading “Steamy Books To Keep You Warm”


Hello and welcome! . I don’t plan on reading a lot during the break as I have a lot of school stuff to complete (being realistic here). I will probably read about 2 to 3 books but I have 5 books on my TBR pile. It is the first day of blogmas for me andContinue reading “BLOGMAS TBR”


Hello and welcome! . It’s been a while since I have done an independent book review and that is because I do it for only spectacular books. Before I start with this review, I have to say that this book would have rated higher, I just didn’t like the slow progression in the book. IContinue reading “A WINTER’S PROMISE BY CHRISTELLE DABOS||A REVIEW”


Hello and welcome! . Today I will be listing a few iconic KPOP songs(part 1). You would probably have heard these songs if you are into kpop and if you aren’t, well it’s never too late to partake in this journey. Let’s get it… Bad Girl, Good Girl by Miss A Fantastic Baby by BigContinue reading “THURSDAY MUSIC DAY #9”


Hello and welcome! . Books I have read starting with “F” Fumbled by Alexa Martin Full Package by Lauren Blakely From Twinkle, with love by Menon Sandhya Fracture Me by Taherah Mafi Forbidden Nights with a Vampire by Kerrelyn Sparks Flirting with Forever by Kendall Ryan Fix Her Up by Tessa Bailey Fire and BrimstoneContinue reading “ABC CHALLENGE- F”

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