Hello and welcome!!!! This year I decided to reduce the amount of books I read but at the same time try to improve my reading. Last year I read a lot of romance and just plainly popular books that caught my fancy (not saying that this is bad), this year I want to try toContinue reading “2020 BOOKISH GOALS”


Hello and welcome! . I don’t plan on reading a lot during the break as I have a lot of school stuff to complete (being realistic here). I will probably read about 2 to 3 books but I have 5 books on my TBR pile. It is the first day of blogmas for me andContinue reading “BLOGMAS TBR”

Binge|| Season 1 Episode 1 (Author Edition)

Hello and welcome! . I decided to start this type of post because of recent events. I realized that when I love one book by an author, I can’t stop until I have had my fill and it is same with musicians, actors, Scientists, researchers and much more. To start BINGE Season 1 (which asContinue reading “Binge|| Season 1 Episode 1 (Author Edition)”

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