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Hello and welcome!!! Confession time, I don’t think I read anything in the month of April, I was too busy, swamped with school work, most of my favorites for the month of April would be music and a few dramas that I watched in the middle of the night when I was supposed to beContinue reading “April WRAP-UP”

BINGE||Season 1 Episode 3 (Actor Edition)

Hello!!! Welcome to another episode of binge. It is a collection of all the dramas I have watched over time from a specific actor. Its been a while since the last binge episode but I am so happy that I am back to writing it. I takes a lot of time to watch newer worksContinue reading “BINGE||Season 1 Episode 3 (Actor Edition)”


Hello and welcome! Last year I decided that I will start doing a monthly wrap up and hopefully I will keep doing it still the end of the year. This would involve a run down of all the dramas, books and music that I enjoyed in the particular month, basically me rambling on about theContinue reading “JANUARY WRAPUP”

BLOGMAS Announcement

Hello and welcome! . So I thought about doing this from the 1st of December but stuff came up and I couldn’t, anyways, better late than never.My blogmas is going to be for 10 days, from 15th December to 25th December. I will be talking about a range of topics.Since I review book, movies, musicContinue reading “BLOGMAS Announcement”

Life update (if you care๐Ÿ™ˆ)

Hello and welcome! . This is a really different type of post because I will just be talking about myself. Instead of the usually Wednesday tag that I do, I will just be giving you a little update on my life and why I am not doing the tag this week. Recently I started myContinue reading “Life update (if you care๐Ÿ™ˆ)”


Hello and welcome! . Iconic kpop songs Pt. 2. I have so many iconic ones for you this week and I promise you would really love them if you check them out Y Si Fuera Ella by Jonghyun (SHINee) Reply by SHINee Wolf by EXO Gentleman by PSY Rising Sun by TVXQ I am You,Continue reading “THURSDAY MUSIC DAY #10”