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Hello and welcome!!! Confession time, I don’t think I read anything in the month of April, I was too busy, swamped with school work, most of my favorites for the month of April would be music and a few dramas that I watched in the middle of the night when I was supposed to beContinue reading “April WRAP-UP”


Hello and welcome!!!!! I can’t believe how fast this month as gone, especially with all the issues going on right now in the world. I was able to read a lot more and watch a lot more movies and dramas and I have a few that I really loved. I did quite a lot ofContinue reading “MARCH WRAP-UP”

Top 10 Kdramas of 2019

Hello and welcome! . This year has just been a great year for me. The delicious amount of kdramas I watched this 2019…. oh…mercy.Most of the dramas I watched this year had good ratings.At the end of this list I will be adding a short list of Korean dramas I watched this year but wereContinue reading “Top 10 Kdramas of 2019”


Hello and welcome! . This is the perfect tag to see if I will be getting any bookish gifts from Santa. This tag was created by Jenn from Jenniely! And I was tagged by The Bookish Hedgemom Rules Tag and link the person who tagged you (because they probably want to drop by for aContinue reading “THE BOOKISH NAUGHTY OR NICE TAG”

Steamy Books To Keep You Warm

Hello and welcome . So for this cold December, steamy books are necessary, so for this I will be lisiting a few steamy books I read this year. I will be including how I rated them. I would call this the steamy ratings of the books. Reviews to the books will be linked somewhere inContinue reading “Steamy Books To Keep You Warm”