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Reviewing Poetry I Read Recently


Welcome to another post of me ranting!!!!!!!!! (Warning: There will be a lot of cursing in this post)

I have decided not to number this post because I do not think I will be going down this rabbit hole again. So earlier this year I decided to binge read a shit ton of poetry. I also recently self-published a book of poems (which is doing poorly on Kindle, so check it out to support a struggling writer) and I thought ‘what better way to improve myself?’ which lead me to read a lot of poetry collections. I have to use the term ‘poetry’ loosely with these books because some of them are so shitty but don’t take my word for it, read it yourself.

Although I did read a few good ones that I will tell you to check out some are so bad that I just won’t recommend them. If you enjoy reading this post and you want me to make a second one, then leave a comment below.


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