3 Tips for writing poems

I have been writing poems and quotes for almost 3 years, I might be a struggling poet but I thought it would be entertaining to share a few tips I have for writing poems and creating quotes.

Until YOU come to the realization that giving up isn’t an option

YOU won’t be able to achieve anything

Azeezat Aminu

Get a pen and paper: This might seem silly or obvious but trust me, this is a really important step. There is something about writing down how you feel. non-poets are the ones who say, ‘I can’t really express how I am feeling’. A poet would express it as ‘inexpressible’. Sometimes i just take out my frustration on a piece of paper and that is my way of revenge.

Write it down: Write everything down, no matter how silly they are, every thought, every idea, everything that comes to your head just write it down. as much as it is from the soul, it can vanish like smoke. Non-scientifically speaking, “our hearts are made of bleeding flowers, at some point all the flowers will wilt”, same is the mind, in this confused world, beautiful words are lost in the confusion. WRITE IT DOWN

Importance of the World: A lot of people overlook the world, claiming it is controlled by a mighty being either in politics or in the heavens. I do believe there is a mighty GOD and he as created all things perfect and I write about the human nature and its willingness to destroy perfection even do they do all things trying to attain perfection in the eye of others (or is it jealousy). Anyways remember to read other poems, books, watch movies and do a lot of research. the most personal are the most beautiful (write what you know about).

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