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Weekend movies

Hello and welcome!!


Okay so this past weekend I was supposed to be reading but I wasn’t and I ended up watching about 3 movies I had on my list for a while. I call it my to be watched (TBW) list

I watched the popular Aquaman,Polka King and Mowgli

  • Aquaman

There were a lot of things I couldn’t close my eyes to. I did appreciate the fact that they didn’t have tails, that would have definitely turned me off. And also Jason is a hunk of a man, who wouldn’t love Jason with that sexy voice of his. I just love him.

Okay the whole production to me was quite good but something was just off, I kept feeling it but I still loved it.

Rating: I actually gave this a 7 out 10 stars.

  • The Polka king

You probably haven’t heard of this one, although not my type of movie, I actually enjoyed this one a lot. I don’t know anything about polka music but it is quite emotional and hilarious.

I love the cast and knowing that the movie is based on a real life story and it just makes it all the better.

Rating: I gave this a 6 out of 10 stars

  • Mowgli

Okay so maybe I have watched something like this before but it was still fun to see the Tanzan like story again although we don’t see the child as an adult.

Rating: I gave this a 5 out of 10 stars


Thanks for reading

Have you wanted any of these movies?

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