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Once a week I will be uploading a poem, how I wrote it, where I got my inspiration for the poem from, how long it took me to write it and the interpretation of the poem.

Poem title and Poem

A Love I Don’t Want

An axe in my head

An ache in my neck

A pain in my back

A cut on my skin

A thorn in my flesh

A ruptured vein

A broken bone

A punctured lung

A bleeding heart

A ruptured cell

A degrading neuron

A poisoned soul

A battered mind

That’s how I describe the love you enforce on me

Please don’t force your love on me

Don’t stalk me, I might tase you

Because you love me, I look over my shoulders

Because you love me, I have so many locks

Because of you, I sleep with the lights on

Please don’t love me

Because I can’t love you.



I have a friend whose ex boyfriend was stalking her, she described her situation as “a love that keeps you locked up”

That gave me the idea of this poem.



It took me one day to imagine and write.

Sometimes my poems are about me, and usually it’s something I want to say but never have anyone to tell it to, so I write it down.



The issue with my poems is that they never rhyme, it is never beautiful, it is harsh and sometimes I don’t know what I am doing.

When I write I want it to be as plain as it is possible. I want the meaning to jump out at you. There is no deceit, no secret meaning. What you see is what you get.

Most people have had issues with stalkers and this is how they feel. The stalkers would claim they love their victims. That is not love but obsession and not even the healthy kind.

My poems read like thoughts, it’s my mind on paper.


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