It’s 2019 and I have been watching Korean dramas for over 12 years! I can’t believe it. It started with me being so obsessed with TV shows and it morphed into dramas and one day I found myself watching JUMONG, which was my first ever Korean drama! During the course of watching all the episodes, I was thrust into the world of Korean dramas and K-POP.

I have seen a lot more dramas which means I have seen a lot more actors come and go, many I loved and even follow/ stalk on social media, others go in passing.

But today I will be listing 5 Korean actors that I am currently obsessed with, which means I love their acting and they really captivated my attention (this is not just about how handsome or hot they are!)

1. Lee Jong Suk

He started his career as a runway model and walked the runway during the Seoul Fashion Week but I didn’t hear of him until I watched him the drama DOCTOR STRANGER, which is about a doctor who was trained in North Korea after his father was tricked and sent to North Korea to treat their supreme leader but was then stuck in there and he had to grow up in harsh environment but still happened to fall in love only for his love to be yanked away. This was the first Korean drama I saw him in and that just made me love him so much, the way he expresses emotions…. there is so much depth to his acting…. This is the point where I say ‘it’s like he becomes the character’.

I have since watched a lot of his dramas, including PINOCCHIO (2014), I HEAR YOUR VOICE (2013), W (2016), WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING (2017) and ROMANCE IS A BONUS BOOK (2019) which is one I am currently watching and I can’t wait for the next episode.

2. Park Seo Joon

Not to be biased but I am so in love with this guy! He always brings comedy to his acting… there is no way you can watch him without laughing, he is just so good at what he does that it almost seems natural. I first saw him in the 2015 drama KILL ME, HEAL ME, he was not the main character but his character was just so intriguing that I became so invested in him, he played the supposed twin brother to a girl was abused and adopted by his parents, only now he is a very popular writer and he is currently investigating a rich heir who has dissociative identity disorder. There is no way for me to explain this drama more without giving away some spoilers!

I have since watched a lot of his dramas, including SHE WAS PRETTY (2015), HWARANG: THE POET WARRIOR (2016), FIGHT FOR MY WAY (2017), MIDNIGHT RUNNERS (2017) which is a film and WHAT’S WRONG WITH SECRETARY KIM (2018). All these are romantic comedies except Hwarang and midnight runners.

3. Yoo Seung-Ho

I feel like he should be higher on my list (this is me trying not to use heart-eyed emoticons). Although I recently just fell in love with him, he has been active since 1999 and was first popular as a child actor in the 2002 film THE WAY HOME. His first film I watched was the 2015 film MAGICIAN where he played the magician who fell in love with the princess who was to be married to the prince of the Qing dynasty. The drama that made my heart his was where he played the masked crown prince in the 2017 drama THE EMPEROR: OWNER OF THE MASK along with Kim So-hyun. This drama was just so perfect! His acting on point, anytime he was in pain, it seemed my heart broke.
Then my feelings became more intense with him in the 2018 romance comedy series I’M NOT A ROBOT

4. Yeo Jin-Goo

Boy oh boy do I love him, he is just so perfect (ok now I am rambling) this guy has done everything, from child actor to vampire blood bag, to acting in 2013 action thriller HWAYI: A MONSTER BOY to time travelling in REUNITED WORLDS then to playing dual roles in a period drama currently airing THE CROWNED CLOWN. This is definitely one of his best work. Here he plays a deranged king and also the king look alike who is a clown who does street shows, but one day one of the kings trustee found him and brought in into the place to take the place of the king who is currently having is life threatened by the members of his court! This drama is just a lot and every episode just ends in a cliff hanger that makes me pull my hair out.
The dual personalities he expresses in this drama gives me whip lash and a new definition to the word ‘actor’! And I love it

5. Park Bo Gum

The reason why he is not higher on my list is because I haven’t watched a lot of dramas with him in it but the ones I have watched definitely left a lasting impression! There is no role he can’t play, from a psychopathic lawyer in the 2015 drama HELLO MONSTER to a crown prince who falls in love in the 2016 drama LOVE IN THE MOONLIGHT, there is nothing this guy can’t do.

He has the poker face that you don’t know if he is about to laugh or give a death stare, you don’t know what he is doing. I am always intrigued to see him in movies and of course I stalk him on Instagram (I can’t help myself)

Thanks for reading!

Have you watched any of the dramas mentioned above? Which did you like more

Authors’ Note…

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  1. I Loooooooooooooooove 1, 2 and 3 isn’t haven’t seen the rest though, my first ever Korean drama was boys before flower then Dream high! Gosh I love Koreans, I recently started learning Korean and I can’t wait to visit, low-key have a dream that I will one day act along some stars.

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