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I was used for money ritual, okay some of you will probably say ‘it’s because I have wide mouth’ or ‘I put myself in the position to be used’ and now that I look back, you are not wrong but should I really be blamed for the cruelty the world has dealt me.

Looking and seeing no repercussion for the loss of my life, maybe I wasn’t all that special or maybe the ritualist were smarter than the police. I see him driving around in his new BMW, his new babes, attending the bopping parties, meeting celebrities, even governors, even doing some philantrophic work and I wonder when he would suffer for what he had done.

My new friends tell me that some don’t even remember the atrocities they have committed, some enjoy their lives to the fullest with no repercussion for the evil they have done.

Which leads to my unanswered questions, who is to blame?

And when are they going to suffer for what they have done to me?

Being someone who have always had my eyes on the big things, love the exorbitant lifestyle, the sugardaddy lifestyle, the yahoo boy lifestyle, the social media influencer life style, the longer than heaven lashes lifestyle, any lifestyle that made me seem more than I was, was what I liked and wanted.

It might have been a poison that I was born in the time where social media was I thing, I wish I never knew it but I can’t put all the blame on it. What people had, I wanted, is there anyone who doesn’t like good things? There is no one who doesn’t like good things, the problem is most of us don’t want to wait fot the right time.
That day was my end day, I had always gotten away, always made it home and promised to stop but I don’t know why I kept doing it…. Well I do know why…. Money

I met Kunle at the usual joint which was one of the popular hotels in our small area, every smoker, drunkard and streetboys know the joint and I always went there every Friday. I had gone home with Kunle before, we had even had sex before and he paid me well, it was a very clean business, we both knew what we wanted and I thought this time would be the same. I was even happy because I felt safe with him for some reason, so when he came up to me and told me, he wanted me for the night, I told my friends (or so called friends) and left with him.

When we got to the hotel, (he took me to an hotel instead of his house, which I should have thought of strange but I didn’t, something must have been wrong with my head) he told he to go on up, that he was going to order a bottle of wine. Getting to his room, I took a shower and waited on the bed, while checking my bag for condoms and reading my admission letter to the university which I had shoved into my bag earlier.

I smiled happy, and kunle entered and he smiled too when he saw me. He nodded to me and walked into the bathroom and I could hear the shower running.
It was a quick shower and when he came out, he wasted no time in getting in bed and kissing my neck, his cracked nails and rough fingers trailing down my stomach as he pushed his fingers inside me. I felt him push something else in me and I pushed him away quickly, asking what he had put in me but he started to say something that sounded like incantations and I began to see two of him, then it became three, until he became infinite and I tried to push him off me, pushing my nails into his arms but he hit my head and it snapped to the side.

I tried to scream but nothing came, I became frantic and tried to trash around but I couldn’t move. I knew then that I was going to die, I was going to be used, I was going to be like those girls in the paper, I was going to be the unfortunate incident!

I watched him as he stood from the bed and walked to his bag as he pulled out a knife and walked back to me, I started to scream again but no sound came from me, I cried but no tears came! I watched him as he stabbed me three times in the stomach, my blood splashing on his face, his chest and his arms. All I saw was pure evil and not the kunle who had picked me at the club.

At this point, I was having an out of body experience, because there was no way I was still alive! He cut off my breasts and dropped them in a plastic bag, moving between my legs and cutting me, gathering the pieces of me in the bag and I watched him as he did all these unable to move or ask for help.

When he finished, he wrapped my parts carefully and placed them in his bag, he walked to the shower and when he came out, he was kunle again but no remorse in his eyes, nothing to betray what he had done, then I guess this was not his first time, I am probably his renewal sacrifice!!

Next I know, I am in his booth and he is driving away from the hotel, he dumps my body at the gate of the market and drove away. I laid there, naked as the day I was born, emptying my blood on the road and I began to thnk about when it all went wrong and I thought of my mother, my sister, my admission letter, the fifteen thousand naira in my account, the people I owed money and the people who owed me.

I thought I was meant to be somewhere else now, maybe hell or heaven but I am no where, I am just here, silent, unable to change anything but wait till the morning broke and the market began to fill and people began to gather around me, some taking pictures, some crying, some blaming me, some blaming the world, some knew me, most didn’t.

And I wonder, what impact did I make, I can’t believe I just came to the world to be used for money, to be made a lesson of, to be used. I should have done more, I should have done something.

The police couldn’t find out who did it, the ones who knew who did it didn’t speak up, my so-called friends helped him spend his money, my mother cried, my sister cried but moved on, she even collected my money from the bank. In a week, I was forgotten, anytime they spoke about me, I was the girl who was used.

Everyone forgot me, kunle forgot me, he spent his money, he got another girl, he continued his sacrifice renewal, he is still alive and young, still has money, no repercussion yet for what he did!

I am Angry!

But who am I angry with?

No one!

Thanks for Reading

Authors’ Note…

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This is just a short story I wrote, I have been trying to developing my short writing skills.


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5 thoughts on “USED BY AZEEZAT J. AMINU

  1. Awesome short write up. This is what a lot of girls face out there. It’s hard to hope this will stop.. but someday it will… when the world is put to an end.


  2. Nice. Leaves one thinking about his/her choices in life. There were a few mistakes with your tenses and spelling. There are some apps that you could put your writing on to help cross check those things before you post. But apart from that, I believe you will make a great writer in the close future.

    Liked by 1 person

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