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The 3 series I mention in this post are the ones I read pretty recently, mainly within the last year and beginning of this year.


This series is exceptional close to my heart because of the main characters’ love for forensic medicine and their unrelenting pursuit of the truth. As an anatomist, my love for these books know no bounds, it is rare to find a gem like this and to have found not one but three books in this series is genuinely heartwarming for me. I sure can’t undermine the intense banter and romance between Thomas and Audrey, it was definitely the spice the book needed, changing it from a forensic textbook to forensic paradise.

The first book is STALKING JACK THE RIPPER, here we are first introduced to the characters. The character development in this first story is quite slow so we get to see jack the ripper murders fictionalized through the eyes of the author and how the characters react to it. Also points the fact that it was in a time period where forensic science was not an accepted female vocation and Audrey was able to stand for what she wanted. I was ecstatic that she didn’t make Audrey into a whimpering idiot who couldn’t stand for what she wanted as a lot of authors who write for this time period do. They go around trying to find jack the ripper and the person they got hurt them more than they could have imagined.

The second book is HUNTING PRINCE DRACULA, here Audrey was able to convince her father to allow her go to Europe’s best forensic medicine school which happens to be in the heart of Romania and of course the legendary Vlad the Impaler had to get involved! The school itself is wrapped up in mystery and intrigue and once again they are compelled to investigate the strange murders.

The third book is ESCAPING FROM HOUDINI; the whole book happens on a one-week voyage across the Atlantic. A strange circus is performing on each night on the ship and mysterious and freakish death and bodies are found in strange and disconcerting manners which leads to a string of investigations by Audrey, Thomas and her uncle. One thing I didn’t like about this particular book was the unnecessary love triangle that festered, but thankfully that was quickly expunged.

This was an all-round delicious journey, if you love mystery, intrigue, a dash of romance, forensics then this is the book for you! The title of the next book in the series is CAPTURING THE DEVIL and expected publication date is September 26, 2019!


This is on the list of my all-time favorite series. There is just something about these books that just make me love them. There is a lot of world building which I feel was really a gem when I was reading it, gave me the feel of being a character and just going places with the other characters in the book. The characters are so well developed that it is unbelievable, they almost seem real and the expandable plot is just amazing. Even the influx of new characters as the series progressed was gracefully implemented into the books. It is simply amazing

The first book is AN EMBER IN THE ASHES, takes us into this fictional martial empire in a brutal world where families are torn apart and but where there is pain, in this case there is more pain. Laia and Elias are my life right now, they just fit so well, I don’t care what anyone says, they are the perfect fit! Elias is a soldier in the empire military academy and soon Laia enter into the academy as a spy for people who promises to rescue her brother from the clutches of the empire savagery. Then Laia and Elias meet and it is like the constellations shift, because Elias wants to be free from the military and Laia wants to free her people from the tyranny, their destinies intertwine and the choice they make would change the empire’s fate!

The second book is A TORCH AGAINST THE NIGHT, I have to point out that the cliffhangers in this books sure had me gripping my hair, I couldn’t take my eyes of the pages because something is always happening to someone and Laia and Elias always land themselves in some kind of trouble. They finally escaped the city and are going to get her brother from the most secure prison while traveling through the heart of the empire with empire soldiers searching for them and arrows pointed at their backs. They are also traveling with a stranger who has dawned the face of a friend. Oh and Helene the new blood shrike, I don’t know how to put her, she is a good person with dedicated loyalties to the wrong people. At least no one dies in this book, well not the people I love.

The third book is A REAPER AT THE GATES, this is the one that destroyed me, this series just gets better with each book, the tension, the heartbreak, the violence and the unexpected plot twists just made my emotions go haywire. It’s like nothing more can go wrong and Sabaa Tahir is like, don’t be too sure about that. The Nightbringer, this dude gets on my nerves but I have to say it really isn’t his fault, if someone hurt me has much as they hurt him, I would be looking for revenge too but definitely not at the cost of Elias selling is humanity and leaving the love of his life.

I read these books in June, 2018 and I still can’t get them out of my mind, the cliffhanger as me developing theories and I can’t wait for the next book. The expected publication date is April 2020 but we don’t have a title or a book cover but I am sure it would be worth the wait.


This is one I had a lot of mixed feelings going into as I had not heard anything about the book but boy am I glad I read it. At first I didn’t know who was who and what was happening but the more I read I couldn’t put it down. To me this book is more about the characters and less about the world building because the author didn’t focus a lot on that and I think it was a great route because this was a character and relationship driven story. Betrayal, death, love is thick in the air and it is just perfectly written.

The first book is THE TRAITOR’S KISS, which begins with sage who doesn’t want to get married despite the unending efforts of her uncle and she decided to work as an apprentice with a matchmaker who was now on a journey to marry off young ladies for political alliance. This is how she meets Alex, oh the tension and the romance brewing with this two in the midst of a political uprising is just fascinating but she discovers that Alex really isn’t who she thought he was.

The second is THE TRAITOR’S RUIN, this book really slowed down a lot in the middle which pissed me off but it is definitely more intense and action packed than the first one, we actually go to war. It was a bit hard keeping up with a lot of characters in this book because of the influx of new characters but an intense high was where she ordered the execution of the person who supposedly killed Alex! It was so intense and I could hear drums in my ears.

I really can’t wait for the next book THE TRAITOR’S KINGDOM which I believe is the final book and the expected publication date is july 9, 2019!

Thanks for reading!

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