5 Most Anticipated Book Releases of 2019

As a book lover, I am always trying to get my hands on new titles and 2019 seems to be the year of fantastic and amazing releases.

2018 brought a lot of debut authors and book releases from our favorite authors and it doesn’t seem to be slowly down in 2019. So therefore, here is a list of the most anticipated books of 2019.

1. CHAIN OF GOLD (Cassandra Clare)

chain of gold (goodreads)

Cassandra Clare who left us on a cliff after the release of her QUEEN OF AIR AND DARKNESS which was the final book in THE DARK ARTIFICES trilogy has decided to bless us again with a product of her genius mind by releasing the first book in her new trilogy THE LAST HOURS.

It picks up after THE INFERNAL DEVICES, which means we get to see bits of our favorite love triangle and if you don’t know what I am talking about then you need to go and read the Infernal devices.

This book takes us to Edwardian London to the children of Will and Tessa. I believe it will focus on James Herondale who falls in love with the beautiful and mysterious Grace Blackthorn who have just arrived in London along with the Carstairs. I can just tell this book will be a rollercoaster of emotions and I am ready to be hurt.
I sure can’t wait for this book to be released and the anticipated publication date is November 19, we definitely have a while to wait but I am sure it will be worth the wait. Shadowhunters are always worth the wait.


After the successful publication of her debut novel, THE CHILDREN OF BLOOD AND BONE, Tomi isn’t making us wait any longer for the second book in her LEGACY OF ORISHA series. This is a West African inspired book that took the world by storm, it is more than the Magic, love and romance, as it touched on more cultural subjects that we rarely see in YA fantasy. Everyone was raving about it and I haven’t seen anyone who didn’t like the book.

The book is based on a fiction infused Ilorin settlement in Nigeria and the journey the characters take in order to bring magic back to the land. This book would reflect the issues that arise after magic has been restored in the land and the consequences of the actions taken by Zelie and her friends. The first book was just so beautifully written that it is making me itch to lay my hands on the next book and the waiting isn’t going to be long as the expected publication date is March 5.

3. KING OF SCARS (Leigh Bardugo)

After I read the SIX OF CROWS duology, I have been itching to read the books in the grishaverse, I have been so side tracked but this year is the year to just binge read all of bardugo’s book. From all the bits I was able to gather, this book will focus on Nikolai and his journey to remove the terrible legacy within him.

Of course we will get magic, intrigue and the special bardugo touch. We don’t have to wait long because the expected publication date is January 29.

4. WAYWARD SON (Rainbow Rowell)

After indulging in CARRY ON and a huge cup of coffee, I couldn’t get enough of Simon and Baz and so did everyone else who read. We loved this two fictional characters and needed more of them. And more we are getting, with the announcement of WAYWARD SON which is a sequel.

The publication date is yet to be announced but we are sure it’s coming this year and we can wait for the magic and intrigue.

5. AGAIN BUT BETTER (Christine Riccio)

Surely, if you are a book lover then you probably watch booktube and maybe follow a few bookstagram accounts, this seems to be an advantage of the ‘social media age’. So when one of our booktubers publishes a book, we all want to support by reading it.

This book will be centered around a girl who is currently a college student, who seems to be living the triangle life of dorm, class and dining hall but them decides to spice up her life by going for a semester abroad but of course things spiral out of her control and we have to watch to see how she tries to prevent her life from falling apart. I definitely can’t wait to read this one. The expected publication date is May 7.

I hope you add these books to your Reading List, let me know in the comments what your Anticipated reads of 2019 are.

-Thanks for reading.

All pictures were saved from goodreads.

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