Can I meet it?

Do I need to do this?

Beauty is pain but what do I gain?

Fame? Success? Money? Love? No

I want to be slim, or rather I want to meet the STANDARD

I fear criticism

I want to be accepted

Living my youth in pain, just to be accepted

But am I? Accepted? No

After achieving one standard, there is another one

Never being good enough

Who is good enough? Not me

Perfection is made, achieved they say

But no one ever says how?

Tell me, because I have tried everything, but I guess not all

What other standard do I need to meet?

As there is always a new one

My generation is slowly moving on to the next

Why do I find myself maintaining the STANDARD OF THE PAST?

This is a poem I wrote a while back, when I was dealing with a lot of things, my weight, finance, losing my mom. It was just so much and quiting seemed the only option, but then a total stranger told me this while I was on a greyhound bus from Ohio to Chicago “the problem is, we all want to fit into other people’s standard”.

I took that to heart and every time I am having a difficult time, I ask myself “Am I trying to fit in or Am I doing this for myself?” And it has helped me so much in the past two years and I can honestly say I have grown.

Losing weight is not my goal, if I lose some weight, I am happy but it is not a goal that I have to achieve. Being happy is what I am trying to achieve, so if losing weight is something that would make you happy, then go for it. If gaining weight is it, go for it, if it is doing nothing for a day and just laying around go for it.

Today, do something that makes you happy. Let it be the start of something good.

Till next time, create your own fiction and make it real.


5 thoughts on “STANDARD

  1. Beautiful work!!
    “the problem is, we all want to fit into other people’s standard”-Thanks for passing it to me❤️❤️Definitely a quote to live with

    Liked by 1 person

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